With summer just around the corner, it’s time to glam up your nails! Add the perfect touch with Japanese nail art.

Put away those salt-stained boots and bring out your sexy little open-toe sandals for a walk. And ditch those gloves that have been hiding your mani-hungry digits all season.

P32-1Summer is the perfect time to tackle the latest beauty trend: Japanese-inspired nail art. This fashion art form can channel your inner Hello Kitty—or, for those who are more daring, can feature full landscapes and character design.

“Nail art popularity is definitely growing in North America. While Canadians still aren’t regularly requesting 10-finger, 3D designs, we’re getting there,” says Sparks Salon manager Maesha Aykroyd. And Sparks Salons definitely have street cred—with a roster of local celebrity clients and award-winning nailists Yui Higasa, Aki Takahashi and Miki Takano, they’ve really nailed it!



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