Discover sushi all over again at Toshi Ryoriten, where world-class seafood is an immersive experience that engages all of your senses.


Take a course in sushi!

The prix-fixe sushi courses will introduce you to masterfully executed selections like shima aji, prized in Japan for its firm, velvety texture and delicate flavour. (featured dish in picture above)

A trip for your tastebuds

Go on a culinary adventure with this delicious menu! You’ll find traditional Japanese dishes like uni (sea urchin) and fusion dishes like decadent foie gras. (dish in top right corner)

 Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

Walking into Toshi Ryoriten, you are instantly transported away from the busy Richmond Hill street where it is located. Decorated with warm wood and cool stone elements, the minimalist dining room at Chef Toshi’s newly opened restaurant is a calm, welcoming oasis.

The clean, meditative lines of the dining room are only accented by two vintage boat frames hanging on the wall and a traditional Japanese screen, making you feel like you’ve gone on a trip to small seaside town.

After 16 years on King Street West at Toshi Sushi, Chef Toshi wanted to create a space where people could leave the bustle of the street behind and really appreciate all the sensations of their meal. “I wanted to make a place where people could take their time.” All of the sushi at Toshi Ryoriten is prepared by Chef Toshi, who oversees every service, putting his focus and attention into every piece of sushi that arrives at your table.

Fish is delivered fresh from Tokyo, including several varieties that are renowned in Japan, from toro, or tuna belly, to shima aji (skipjack) and kanpachi (amberjack). The careful balance of textures— chopped toro and green onion, pearly rice, firm shima aji, crunchy cucumber—is as impressive as the delicate flavours.

Be sure to make a reservation, as tables at this hot spot are in high demand. We recommend asking for a seat at the bar, where Chef Toshi will personally serve you your sushi as it’s made.



This artfully arranged cucumber salad is bursting with fresh, vibrant flavour complemented by more subtle, smoky notes.

Kaki fry

The deep-fried, breaded oyster, or kaki, comes out piping hot. It’s crunchy, tender and juicy all at the same time.



Ocean flavours

Sea urchin has a creamy, salty taste similar to crab and a mousse-like texture. The bright red roe pops in your mouth with a burst of sea brine.



Sushi sage

Chef Toshi has been making sushi for over four decades and has become a fixture in the Toronto culinary scene. He honed his craft at pre-eminent Toronto sushi restaurant Kaji before striking out to start his own restaurant, Toshi Sushi, on King Street West. After 16 years, he has embarked on a new project: Toshi Ryoriten.


P09-insideToshi Ryoriten
TEL: 905-737-1125
1380 Major Mackenzie Dr. E, Richmond Hill

OPEN: Lunch: Tues–Fri 11:30 am–3 pm
Dinner: Tues–Sun 5 pm–10:30 pm • Mon closed