MeNami Japanese Udon House goes the extra mile to craft house-made noodles unlike any other in the city.


Spicy Tsuke Udon: This cold-served udon with shrimp tempura is a refreshing summer dish accompanied by the chef’s spicy sauce, made of oil, dried seaweed and sesame seeds. (dish in top left corner)

Kitsune Udon: This traditional udon, famous for its house-made broth, is enhanced by marinated and deep-fried tofu, fish cake, grated ginger and green onion. (dish on the left)

Black Sesame Purée Udon: In this wonderful blend of white and black sesame seeds, chef Kevin has found a way of preserving the colour, yet taking some of the bitterness out of the black sesame. (dish on the right)

 Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

With udon training in Japan and a year of preparation behind the launch of MeNami, it’s clear that owner Chae Kim and head chef Kevin Shin are dedicated when it comes to noodles. The restaurant even simulates authentic Japanese weather conditions for udon preparation: MeNami’s noodle-making machine, imported from Japan, is in a moisture/temperature-controlled room that keeps the same levels all year round. The result is fresh, flavourful noodles.

P09_exteriorFrom the traditional Kitsune Udon with its refined broth to the fusion Black Sesame Purée Udon with Beef, Kevin’s creativity and attention to detail is astonishing. This is equally evident in the menu’s tapas selection, like the tender Smoked Salmon with Parsnip Sauce. It pairs well with the Corn Kaki-Age, for which Kevin created a special honey butter mayonnaise dip to replace the traditional sea salt garnish. The variety of flavours and ingredients in these dishes is only emphasized by the wide selection of beverages: from sake, beer and Korean liquors to specialty cocktails. The Johnnie Black Tea is MeNami’s top seller, while the Yuzu Mojito is a refreshing antidote to hot weather. The whole experience is complemented by the comfortable décor: the space is decorated with antiques that give a vintage vibe while still feeling modern.

Kevin continues to work on his craft, and he hopes to learn even more ways of making fresh homemade udon. So, for noodle lovers everywhere: treat yourself and enjoy a true taste of Japan at MeNami.

Oven-Roasted Pork Belly

This appetizer has rich flavour that is enhanced by the juicy and tender texture of the seasoned pork belly—the perfect choice for meat lovers.


Smoked Salmon with Parsnip Sauce

A light start for your meal—the smoked salmon is served raw as sashimi, lightly torched on the outside, dipped in parsnip sauce and surrounded by cucumbers and grape tomatoes.




Sake Bar

MeNami’s selection of local and imported sake offers a wide variety of flavours that complement every dish on the menu.




Chae Kim & Chef Kevin

Restaurant owner Chae Kim sent chef Kevin Shin on a simple mission to Japan: to find out whether there is a difference between fresh and frozen noodles. After studying udon in Kagawa Prefecture—and spending a year preparing, learning and mastering the craft—they opened up MeNami, Ontario’s first homemade udon house.



TEL.: 416-229-6191
5469 Yonge St., Toronto
OPEN: Mon–Sat 11:30 am–2:30 am Sun 11:30 am–12 am