This summer, add some fun Japanese tableware to your meals, creating an Asian atmosphere.

1. Unique luxury dishware

First produced in the 17th century, Arita porcelain is celebrating its 400-year history.


These dishes (top row) are called Mamezara, a term referring generally to small side dishes. Mamezara come decorated with a variety of designs in blue, white, iron-red and gold. Sometimes they have an auspicious shape such as Tai (red snapper), which is considered a bringer of happiness. Sobachoko (bottom row) are 8-cm cups designed for holding soba-noodle dipping sauce. Produced by Amabro—a company by artist Amane Murakami that adds an artistic touch to everyday items—these dishes are decorated with traditional patterns from the 17th century. You can use them for serving pickles, ice cream or your favourite drink. They also make a unique gift!



Original package

Manezara and Soba-choko are wrapped and delivered in these cute red or green boxes.

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amabro |




2. Lovely afternoon tea

Invite elegance and relaxation into your day with a warm, comforting cup of tea.



Why not enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon with tea using your favourite Japanese tea set? If you haven’t found a favourite, this delicate glass pot with a beautifully patterned ceramic lid and sophisticated set of cups is definitely for you. The glass teapot allows the tea to swell and expand behind a glass wall, putting the serenely floating tea leaves on display. More info about these products:  SOU•SOU KYOTO |

3. Fun with soy sauce

Add a little flair and complete your Japanese table setting with these modern ceramic dishes.

A cute crab will appear with its legs outstretched

combined_fuji_bonsaiWhen you pour soy sauce into these small dishes, a symbol such as a fascinating bonsai tree, glorious Mt. Fuji or a tasty fish appears. The size of the image will change depending on the amount of soy sauce you add. Watch the image take shape and then get ready to dig in!

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FANTASUTEKI | (Japanese-only website)

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