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These gel ballpoint pens suit everyone!

“MUJI is one of my favourite stores. I visit every time I’m in Toronto because we don’t have one in Montreal yet! Today, I came in to check out the stationery. I love MUJI’s gel ballpoint pens—they are simple but functional, both for work and when I’m drawing at home. They are incredibly smooth on any type of paper, the ink dries very quickly and they let me draw very fine lines. They’re some of the best pens on the market. The vast selection of clear, vivid colours is another great feature.”

— Ben Kriz, copywriter


Muji_pen_notebookWith a simple design, yet high-quality functionality, MUJI’s gel ballpoint pens are ideal for writing and drawing in many styles. They come in a variety of widths, including 0.38 mm, 0.50 mm and 0.70 mm. Pair with an eco-friendly recycled paper notebook and start getting your ideas on paper!

Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen: $1.25 (Red, Orange, Pink, Sakura, Green, Yellow Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Blue Black, Black)
Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen: $3 (Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Navy, Black)

Recycled Paper Notebook Plain: A5 $1.50, A6 $1.25



I finally found a stylish notebook!

“It’s my first time at MUJI—I’m here to shop for a double-ring notebook. I’ve been searching for a hardcover notebook with an elastic band, but everything I found was a little expensive for a student like myself. Finally, I saw one of my friends using this notebook from MUJI! The design is simple, the price is good and it has an elastic band. It’s just what I wanted. I also like the thickness and smoothness of the paper. I’m very happy that I could finally find the perfect notebook for me.”

— Melissa Lee, student


Muji_RingnotebookThis handy notebook with an elastic band is the perfect companion for busy students or professionals on the go. The high-quality paper has a noticeably smooth surface. It’s also thick and non-translucent, so your pen won’t sink right through to the other side of the page.

High Quality Smooth Paper Double Ring Notebook: A5 $7.50, A6 $5.50

MUJI Atrium 

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