Kamikokoro Momo sake

嘉美心 桃酒【かみこころ ももさけ】

Made with real peaches!Imbibe the sake of the gods with Kamikokoro’s Momo.


White Peach-Infused Sake Alcohol by Volume: 8% Area: Okayama Prefecture

Kamikokoro Brewery’s Momo is a light-tasting, refreshing and delicate sake that is infused with white peaches. With a name meaning “heart of the god,” Kamikokoro Brewery was founded in 1913 in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture. This region is famous for its momo (Japanese for “peach”) production, making their Momo sake an inevitable marriage between this traditional beverage and the fruit of the surrounding land. A young brewery by Japanese standards, Kamikokoro is now helmed by a second-generation brewmaster whose commitment to brewing a sake that is of pure body and heart is reflected in the com- pany’s name.

Light on the alcohol with only 8% ABV, this sweet and refreshing sake is made by a brewing system that brings out the full flavour of the Japanese rice while infusing it with white peach yeast ex- tracted from the highest-quality white peaches. This process creates a sake with a juicy flavour that balances lightly on the tongue, with hints of bamboo leaf, herb and plum. Best served chilled, Momo sake holds up on its own, as the inspiration for cocktails or combined with champagne for a mimosa that will take brunch to the next level. It pairs well with any dish that requires a sweet and fruity complement, including spicy shrimp and other hot Asian dishes, or your favourite dessert.


Wakatake Onikoroshi Junmai Genshu

若竹 純米 鬼ころし【わかたけ じゅんまい おにころし】

Channel your inner samurai with Wakatake demon-slayer sake.


Tokubetsu Junmai Genshu Alcohol by Volume: 17–18% Area: Shizuoka Prefecture

If you’re looking for a killer drink to serve at your next dinner party, look no further than Wakatake Onikoroshi Sake. With 17–18% ABV, this sake is truly worthy of the name Onikoroshi, the Japanese term for “demon-slayer.”

Situated on the banks of the Oi River, which traces the countryside from Japan’s southern mountains to the Pacific Ocean, Ohmuraya Shuzojo Co., Ltd. has been comforting weary travellers with its brews since 1832. Its former lodging town of Shimada was once home to numerous breweries thanks to the superior water quality provided by the river, but Ohmuraya Shuzojo Co., Ltd. is the only one that remains there today.

Despite its name, this sake is not all edge. While sake is usually stored in tanks, Onikoroshi is stored in bottles and only pasteurized once, allowing it to maintain its delicate aroma and flavour. It is a Junmai Genshu, meaning that it has not been diluted with water after brewing, resulting in a high alcohol content and full-bodied taste. This flavourful sake is characterized by a fruity aroma with notes of apple, banana, citrus and melon, and hints of dry grain and cream. Onikoroshi can be served chilled on a hot summer day, at room temperature or heated up, and it is an eager companion to grilled chicken or seafood like eel or salmon and scallop terrine.