What better way to relax after work than by enjoying a refreshing beverage? This summer, try out these fusion interpretations of some classic cocktails.


MeNami’s bartender whipping up unique refreshments using Japanese ingredients

These cocktails make an impression not only with their delicious flavours, but also with their exquisite visual presentation.

Japanese Ingredients



Matcha Drunken Tea

MeNami’s top-selling cocktail pairs draft sake with Malibu Rum to complement their frothy, premium matcha, with an added cream mix for an extra-velvety texture. ($9)






Yuzu Mojito

This summer favourite mixes rum with yuzu sake and lemon-lime mix for a burst of citrusy flavour, finished off with tonic water and garnished with mint leaves. ($11)





This easy-drinking cocktail has a unique look with a real bamboo leaf. The main ingredient is white wine mixed with melon liqueur, lychee juice and soda. ($7.90)






Cherry Blossom

Even though cherry blossom season is over, you can still enjoy its beautiful colours in this blend of red wine, peach schnapps, crème de cassis and lemon- lime soda. ($7.90)






Shiso Mojito

Instead of using regular mint leaves, this cocktail mixes shiso leaf with Bacardi Rum, fresh lime and 7 Up to add a little bit of sweetness. ($13)



Immerse yourself in authentic Japanese flavours by relaxing on a local patio with one of these stunning fusion drinks.

Japanese Fusion Cocktails


Kyoto Sour

This popular beverage uses Tozai “Living Jewel” Junmai Sake, Mirin (rice wine), yuzu, Calpico (soft drink) and fennel seeds, with egg whites making the beautiful layer of froth. ($14)


Okinawan Margarita

Besides tequila, this margarita attracts with umeshu (plum liqueur) by Nanbu Bijin and a variety of fruity ingredients: fresh lime, yuzu, blood orange zest and rhubarb-lime bitters, mixed with shiso and agave syrup. ($14)

pg6-2Tokyo Fog

This smooth rendition of a London Fog consists of Tsukasabotan yuzu sake from Tosa, Earl Grey infused Beefeater Gin, orange bitters and fresh lemon, with some extra Earl Grey on the rim. ($15)

pg7-1Rising Sun

Immerse yourself in authentic Japanese flavours by relaxing on a local patio with one of these stunning fusion drinks.


Hello Kitty

This cocktail is as sweet as it looks—mixing vodka, Calpico (a Japanese soft drink) and house-made strawberry purée for a light blend that is easy to drink. ($12)


Lost in Translation

This strong, smoky martini includes Havana Club seven-year-old rum, Wiser’s Legacy Whisky, Drambuie and Green Chartreuse that have matured in a barrel for a month. ($15)



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Matcha Drunken Tea, Yuzu Mojito

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Shiso Mojito, Rising Sun, Hello Kitty


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Bamboo, Cherry Blossom


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Kyoto Sour, Okinawan Margarita, Tokyo Fog, Lost in Translation