Japanese style that’ll make you smile 

This fall, cheer up your look (and life!) with these creative accessories that hail all the way from Japan. Decorate your room, your phone—or your feet. Accessorize with animals. Make a (Japanese) statement!

1. The Best-case Scenario


Dress up your phone with these cool cases, featuring artistic patterns from the Land of the Rising Sun


Our phones reflect our personalities more than ever these days, so why not reinvent yours with some Japanese style? These unique iPhone cases don’t just look good … they’re practical, too! The corners have bumper edges to help protect your phone if it’s dropped.

2. Five’s a crowd


Cosy up your feet with these tabi shoes & Fastened with traditional hooks


02_slippersEver wish you could chop off your baby toe so your favourite shoes would fit? With these shoes and slippers, your big toe has a room of its own, giving the rest all the space they need. Available in a variety of vivid patterns that take traditional Japanese textiles to a contemporary place.


3. Show off those toes!




Make sure you express your personality with every part of your outfit—from head to toe! These adorable tabi socks come in vibrant patterns that are sure to leave you with happy feet. With designs ranging from cheerful veggies to fearsome samu- rai, there’s a pair for everyone.



4. Get your geisha on




Replace your regular purse with an elegant origami tote bag. With designs that look like they are straight out of Memoirs of a Geisha, your friends will wonder if you travelled back in time. Leather handles and a handy inner pocket for phone or keys make these tote bags pretty and practical!





Cuteness and Creativity For Every Part of Your Life!

5.Fall in puppy love



Impress your house guests with towels that are as fluffy as they are cute! Or save the softness for yourself and indulge in some puppy love after your next bath. Fun tip! If you fold the towels just right and place them at the top of your laundry, you’ll think there’s a sleeping puppy in your basket.

6. Head in the clouds


Rest on top of the world with this Mt. Fuji pillow

Lay your head on something that looks and feels like a cloud! Small enough to bring with you on your next trip, you can cuddle your Mt. Fuji cushion as you enjoy the sight of Japan’s most famous mountain from your window. Or rest your head on a cloud while flying through them!

7. Not your garden-variety bag



Each of these handy little purses comes with plenty of inside pockets—perfect for storing all your cards, money and more. Available in three bright, bold floral patterns: Ryukyu-style prints that are traditional to the islands of Okinawa. Collect the whole set and you’ll have an accessory for any occasion!



8. Turn over a new leaf




If you love the idea of caring for a pretty little bonsai tree, but lack that all-important green thumb, the Kami-bonsai might just be for you. Made entirely of paper, this set lets you grow and position your bonsai in any way you please—no tools required.




9. Love animals? Take note!





Animal lovers, why not show off how much you adore your furry friends with a uniquely hand-carved Amabro pen? Choose from farm animals, wild animals or house pets—or get one of each! Whether classmates or colleagues, you’ll get a meow wow the next time you start taking notes.




10. Stuff those cheeks


We have furry pom-pom tails, too!

What do hamsters and pouches have in common? They both like to stuff their cheeks … one with food, the other with coins and cosmetics! These gamaguchi (traditional coin purses) have a metal clasp that can stand up to full cheeks—so don’t worry about stuffing in as much as you can.


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