Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Café is attracting curious city dwellers with its uniquely Japanese style and penchant for the perfect selfie.

Chashu crêpe: Hot off the kitchen press, the chashu (pork) crêpe proves Uncle Tetsu is as savvy with dinner as he is with dessert. Generous portions of succulent pork guarantee you won’t go home hungry. (dish on the left)

Spinach and cream cheese waffle: Eat your greens before you dig into that cake! The spinach and cream cheese waffle makes for a filling late-morning breakfast or a tasty evening meal. (dish on the right)

Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

If you live in or around downtown Toronto and have a sweet tooth, it’s fair to say you’ve heard of Uncle Tetsu. The cheesecake aficionado, famous for his takeout shops that consistently inspire hours-long lineups, recently opened a third location at Dundas and University that has heads turning: Toronto’s first maid-style café.

Step inside and you’ll be greeted by the irresistible smell of baked goods and the charming “maids”—predominantly female staff dressed in tastefully cute uniforms and ready to serve you coffee, crêpes and cakes to your heart’s content. Unlike its sister locations, which permit customers only one cheesecake at a time, Angel Café allows for unlimited orders. The second floor is spacious but cosy, with couches, booths and a distinctly feminine touch—perfect for groups of friends or couples to gather, enjoy a bite to eat and engage in conversation with the maids.

With a growing list of savoury meals, sugary treats and signature drinks on the menu, there’s something for everyone at the café. Clientele covers a wide range of ages and intentions, from young couples seeking a comfy spot to businessmen talking shop over lattes to elderly passersby, enticed into the space by pure curiosity. Entertainment includes a designated photo corner complete with props, a choreographed J-pop show on Tuesday nights and occasional cosplay events with prizes for the best costume.

Dust yourself off and head over—you won’t find an- other place quite like it in the city.



Named after adorable little octopus-shaped toys, these octopus pancake balls—topped with bonito flakes and savoury sauce—are a must-try for seafood lovers.



Japanese cream soda
Craving something refreshingly sweet? Kick back with a cream soda and reward yourself for all the effort you put into your rad cosplay style.



Angel Hat

Made fresh in-house, this delightfully fluffy dessert takes the cake. Try it in original, chocolate or strawberry, or sample the (takeout-only) matcha flavour.



Meet the maids

Friendly and welcoming, the maids of Angel Café will go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience. They’re happy to chat, take custom latte art requests and pose for photos with you in the selfie corner. Looking for a fun job and think you’ve got what it takes? They’re hiring!




p09_infoUncle Tetsu’s Angel Café


TEL: 647-351-2666
191 Dundas St. W., Toronto

OPEN: Mon–Thurs 11 am–10:30 pm Fri–Sun 11 am–11 pm