The perfect solution for dry skin!

“Today I’m getting the Mild Cleansing Oil along with the Cut Cotton Ecru wipes. I use MUJI’s skin care products every day, including the Toning Water and the Moisturizing Milk. They are perfect for me: effective, with a light texture that smooths and moisturizes my skin. I used to suffer from acne, but it was cured after I started taking medication— however, the treatment left my skin very dry. I have tried other skin care products, but none of them have worked as well as MUJI’s do. The climate in Toronto seems to easily dry out my skin, but MUJI’s products bring the moisture back.”

— Elizabeth Kasleder


Apply the Mild Cleansing Oil to your forehead, cheeks and nose and gently massage it into your skin. It contains olive oil and jojoba oil for thorough cleaning, as well as ingredients like grapefruit and common purslane extract to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Pair with Cut Cotton Ecru wipes for gentle, easy makeup removal.

Mild Cleansing Oil: 200 ml $11.50
Cut Cotton Ecru: 180 pcs $3.50, Large 135 pcs $7.00

p30_maariaEven my dad uses these products!

“I’m here today to get MUJI’s Face Wash Scrub Foam. I’ve never tried this particular product before, but I’ve been needing a face scrub, and MUJI was the obvious place to look. I’ve really liked the MUJI skin care products I’ve tried in the past. They are fantastic—even my dad uses them. I’m big on MUJI. Their products are good quality, yet straightforward; I always like how simple they are. They have no fragrances and no extra additives, meaning I know exactly what I’m using on my skin. I’m ready to try this one out!”

Maaria Kasmani



This cleansing foam gently lifts away surface oil and dead skin cells from your face. It contains a peach kernel scrub and hazel extract that help to purify your skin without drying it out. This wash is fragrance free, oil free and contains no artificial colours, making it a good choice for every type of skin. Add it to your routine three or four times a week.

Face Wash Scrub Foam: 120 g $6.50, Travel Size 30 g $4.50

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