Stop in for a bouquet, but stay for a feast. Though you might mistake it for just a flower shop, this place holds a secret garden of lovely indulgences.

p24-1Stepping inside the Aoyama Flower Market Tea House, you might almost expect little fairies to guide you to your seat. This ethereal establishment is a hidden gem that has a serious following of locals and tourists alike who, whether sipping on a tea or dining on delicate creations, are all in their own way celebrating the lush greenery and fragrant blooms of the thousands of flowers that literally create the space. In the world of theme dining, Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is the antithesis to the more eccentric, out-there restaurants of the genre. It is the perfect stop for a tranquil moment in an otherwise vibrant and busy city.

p24-2From the outside, it could easily be assumed that this place is solely a flower market—that is, until you catch the “Tea House” sign. The Akasaka branch of the famous tea house does boast a large space with countless bundles of flowers. However, the difference is that this flower shop leads to a secret garden—almost hidden to the inattentive eye. The tea house portion of the shop is indeed a magical space. The atmosphere is relaxed, with a rustic feel of wood combined with rough brick. Naturally, the primary fixture of the space is the countless vines, leaves and flowers—both inside and out on the patio—that not only provide delicate scents for patrons to experience, but also create the perfect space for a quiet chat among friends.



Everything’s rosy in this parfait, garnished with edible petals

But it isn’t solely the atmosphere that attracts visitors. There’s another reason that the tea house is kept busy, to the point that it can take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes to get a seat at the original Aoyama location (which is why we recommend giving the tea house’s Akasaka branch a try). In true theme restaurant form, the Aoyama Flower Market Tea House uses flowers to indulge multiple senses—including taste. A variety of  flower-based tea blends are on hand for patrons to choose from, steeped to perfection—as each arrives with its very own sand timer. A selection of other drinks, including wines, is also available to allow for the perfect pairing, as are seasonal menus that will be sure to meet any hungry traveller’s needs. If you aren’t feeling peckish, try to make room anyway. Although the menu changes from time to time, some of the staple items have developed their own followings among repeat visitors. Should you happen to be feeling very indulgent, the Flower French Toast is an excellent choice, combining golden French toast with berries and ice cream, adorned with, of course, fresh flowers. Other options include a variety of sandwiches, egg dishes and heavier stews. Salads are also on the menu, with the Tea House Salad being a popular choice. And be sure to save room for one of the decadent desserts: cakes and ice creams are in abundance, but the Flower Parfait is the most talked-about dessert, combining the delicate flavours of rose and strawberry with the textures of cream, ice cream, custard and crunchy granola. This dessert is certainly not one to be missed.

In addition to the stunning atmosphere and beautifully tasty menu items, another reason to make this a stop on your trip is the friendly staff. If you find yourself struggling with your Japanese-language abilities, they will be only too happy to offer you an English menu. Wonderful staff, amazing edibles and the sheer beauty of the place make the Aoyama Flower Market Tea House a must-see.

Coming up roses

Some things to know before you go:


  • Aoyama Flower Market Tea House has a “flower of the week” that is displayed throughout the shop, making each visit just a little bit unique.
  • Akasaka is a commercial district of Tokyo known for its fancy hotels and good eats!
  • Aside from taking in the food and drink, make some time for shopping! You can find beautiful vases and other gifts in the tea house shop.
  • Finally, for anyone planning their dream wed- ding, this tea house provides plenty of visual ideas to take away. It’s a truly magical place!

The Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE

Akasaka Biz Tower Branch

Located a quick three-minute walk from Akasaka Station on the Chiyoda Line.

TEL: 03-3586-0687
Akasaka Biz Tower 1F, Akasaka 5-3-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo

OPEN HOURS Daily 11 am–11 pm