Stylish simplicity for everyday life

MUJI’s third Canadian location has arrived at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre! From its beginnings in 1980, MUJI has become a quintessential part of life in Japan as a maker of high-quality, simple and stunning everyday products, and that reputation is spreading across the world.

MUJI’s official name, Mujirushi Ryohin, translates to “no brand, good quality.” The company was created to buck the brand-name trend and bring simpler, anonymous products that have a stronger focus on quality and functionality rather than excessive labelling and high price tags. This has led MUJI to create timeless products that are simple yet beautiful and highly practical. Since then, MUJI has become one of Japan’s favourite shops and a frequent stop for everyday goods and fashions. At the new Yorkdale location, MUJI will go even further by offering interior design and style advisory services, as well as embroidery for MUJI products—great for the gift-giving season.


Cuckoo Clock

A modern redesign of the classic cuckoo clock. A cute little birdie pops out to tell you the time in pleasant tones sounding from individually handcrafted bellows.

Small: $89, Large: $109 (Brick Red, Brown, White)


Multilayer Stationery Holder

Simple yet stylish, this is the perfect thing to keep your desk decluttered and organized.
2 Drawers: Small: $19, Large: $25
2 Drawers with Lid: Small: $19, Large: $25

3 Drawers: $39, 5 Drawers: $49


Acacia Bowls

Strong and durable, these acacia bowls have lovely ribbons of colour in the natural grain. Perfect for preparing or serving food.

13 cm–30 cm: $4.50–$35


Body Fit Cushion and Covers

The second you sink into this bean bag, you won’t be able to look back. The cushion molds to your body so you can relax in just about any position.

Cushion: $150

Covers: $45–$79 (Dark Brown, Denim, Grey Beige, Hickory Denim, Navy)


Aroma Diffuser

This is the ultimate aroma diffuser for those who are looking for something functional and stylish. The soft and moody light complements the aromas.

Regular: $89, Large: $129


Essential Oils

MUJI’s essential oils come from top-quality ingredients and are blended just perfectly to bring the most delightful fragrances into your space.

10 ml: $16.50


Porcelain Ring Holder, Toothbrush Stand and Tray

These elegant porcelain dishes are a lovely way to store the odds and ends in your room, or to dress up your bathroom counter.
Porcelain Ring Holder: $5 (Light Brown, Mint Blue, Mustard Yellow) | Porcelain Toothbrush Stand: $5.50 (Light Brown, Mustard, Salmon Pink, Mint Blue, White) Porcelain Tray: $4.50 (Light Brown, Mint Blue, Mustard Yellow)


Linen Twill Slippers

Designed with anarch support, these slippers form around the natural contours of your feet to keep them warm and comfy in your home.
Large: $15–$19


Touchscreen Gloves and Wool Ribbed Watch Cap

Finally, a warm and stylish solution to winter. The touchscreen gloves seamlessly interact with your electronic devices so that you can stay connected without freezing fingers.
Touchscreen Gloves: $25 (Beige, Black, Brown, Border Pattern Navy, Dark Grey, Grey, Melange Orange, Navy, Orange, Smoky Green)
Wool Ribbed Watch Cap: $17.50 (Black, Grey, Navy, White)




High Gauge Wool Cape Stole

Comfortable and chic, the wool stole has arm slits and a large pin for adjustability, making fashion practical and warm.
$79 (Beige, Black, Black with Pattern, Grey with Pattern)


New Embroidery Service

Add a personal touch to your items – for yourself or as a gift!




There is a brand new embroidery station at the Yorkdale location, which gives you the option to have any of your MUJI merchandise embroidered right on the spot. For as little as $3, you can personalize your MUJI shirt, handkerchief, slippers and much more.



embroideryservice03Step 1 Choose your product

Pick what you want to have embroidered from the store. Keep in mind that there are certain things that cannot be embroidered, such as knitwear and socks.

Step 2 Choose your design

Choose from a vast range of embroidery designs in MUJI’s sample booklet, including graphics and letters that range from $3 to $10 each.

embroideryservice02Step 3 Choose the area

Specify where you want your stitch to be made. The embroidery expert can give you a little guidance if you’re not sure.

Step 4 Process your order

Pay for your embroidery at the cash register and wait for your name to be called to pick up your very own personalized MUJI product.


MUJI Yorkdale

3401 Dufferin St., Toronto

Tel. 416-479-1204

Store Hours: Mon–Fri 10 am–9 pm Sat 9:30 am–9 pm • Sun 11 am–7 pm

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