A café that makes it easy to fall in love with hedgehogs!


p24-25_harrys04You might picture the average café with a sidewalk chalkboard detailing a list of delectable coffees, teas and snacks. Harinezumi Café, or Harry’s, presents in the same way—except, instead of tasty treats and hot beverages, this café’s menu board offers up … hedgehogs. Perusing this list of different types of hedgehogs, along with their prices, may result in you never looking at a menu the same way again. However, before you have any images of picking hedgehog spines out of your teeth, let me enlighten you. Harinezumi Café is dedicated to celebrating these prickly little creatures—while offering visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with them. Have you ever wanted to sip coffee while gently cuddling a hedgehog? If so, here’s your opportunity!


Before you go running out the door to this hedgehog-friendly space, there are a few rules that need to be followed. First, young children must be accompanied by a caregiver. This not only protects the kiddies from ending up with a handful of spines, but it also helps to keep our hedgehog friends safe. The safety and comfort of the hedgehogs is first and foremost at Harinezumi Café, and this is reflected in the overall treatment of the café’s animals. Keeping in line with ensuring the hedgehogs’ well-being, all guests must wash their hands well before playing with a hedgehog. This helps to keep germs down—and the hedgehogs happy.


p24-25_harrys06Now, you may be wondering why one would choose to spend time at a café structured around hedgehogs. Much like the cat and owl cafés that are popular in Japan, this café provides a unique experience to visitors looking to get up close with an animal they might never have any contact with otherwise. It also offers up a great opportunity for a potential hedgehog owner to get to know the little creatures in a hedgehog-friendly environment. Harinezumi Café prides itself on the level of care given to each hedgehog. This can be seen in the pristine glass cages the hedgehogs call home and the gentle interactions staff lead with their little charges. Knowing that the hedgehogs are in good hands leaves visitors free to fawn over these cute creatures!


self-service snack station with treats for your spiny pals


p24-25_harrys05Another unique feature of this café is that all the catering is done for the hedgehogs! So don’t expect to come to Harinezumi Café on an empty stomach and leave full … unless, that is, you enjoy eating hedgehog food. This café offers up a drink menu, complete with a variety of coffees and teas (but without alcohol). There is no (human) food for sale on the menu, but visitors are encouraged to bring along their own snacks! If you do find that your hedgehog company is looking a little peckish, feel free to buy him or her lunch. Snacks are available for purchase on-site for hedgehogs only.

Should you find yourself falling in love with your super-cute coffee companion and feel that any type of separation would just be too difficult, fear not. At this café, your prickly friend can easily become a family member. Hedgehogs are up for sale here, along with all the supplies you need to care for them. It may certainly be the strangest side order to a cup of coffee that you will ever make.

So, if you are finding yourself bored with the usual cat, dog or owl cafés, it may be time to step into Harry’s world!

Hedge your bets

Here are some prickly facts about your new little friends


  • There are 17 different varieties of hedgehogs throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • The majority of hedgehogs are nocturnal—meaning they enjoy living it up at night and chilling out during the day.
  • Hedgehogs enjoy an omnivorous diet: they snack primarily on vegetation and insects.
  • There is an International Hedgehog Society. If you have a hedgehog companion, the IHS is the place to connect with fellow hedgehog owners far and wide!

Harinezumi Café

A one-minute walk from Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line (Exit No. 3).


TEL: 03-3404-8100
Iwahori Bldg. 2F, Roppongi 6-7-2 Minato-ku, Tokyo

OPEN HOURS: Daily 12 pm–9 pm