Party season is here! Nothing to wear? Looking for something that will draw attention from your friends?

1. Have a magical outlook

Get your groove on in these psychedelic kaleidoscope goggles and take a trip to a new world.



View the world in a new and exciting way




These spiky goggles are sure to make you stand out. The high-quality crystal glass lenses will transform your everyday vision into an immersive experience. These goggles are popular among party animals and are must-have items for musicfest goers. Each pair has an adjustable strap, so you don’t need to worry about losing them—just focus on having fun!



2. Fishing for Laughter

Hungry for a unique costume? This is the perfect choice for any occasion.




Laughter is always the best medicine— especially with these fresh, delicious and mouth-watering sushi costumes. Pick a sushi variety that suits you, like tuna or ikura (roe). The name of each costume’s main ingredient is printed on the front (rice side), so people can see what you are at a glance. Have your friends in stitches when you show up wearing these costumes. Just make sure that they don’t try to eat you.

More info about these products

HAPPY JOINT | (Japanese language only)

(To order, visit and search ”RYSTALASS” for goggles or “sushi” for costumes)