Feeling artistic? Unleash your creativity over a fresh cup of coffee and an exquisite piece of quiche.


p24-02After spending a few days in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, you may find yourself getting lost in the crowds and wanting a respite from the chaos. A short walk from Koenji Station in the heart of Tokyo, the Potter Café is a cozy haven for urbanites and overwhelmed tourists, and a place for people to get back in touch with their inner artist while fulfilling their foodie spirit.

The Potter Café is a unique space that somehow perfectly balances itself as a pottery art studio, art gallery, event venue and restaurant café. The moment you walk up the stairs and in the door, you’ll feel as if you’ve come into the home of an artist friend. If you want to paint your own pottery, you can select from a variety of ceramic shapes and dozens of paint colours. Helpful studio assistants—who perform double duty as baristas—are always on hand to offer their expert advice and guidance.


p24-04If you decide to skip the pottery, that’s entirely fine too. You can simply sit back, enjoy some food and drinks, and revel in the captivating art that surrounds you, which is created mainly by local artists. The Potter Café constantly hosts a variety of several-day-long events, which means that the art, menu and decorations are always fresh and interesting. Because the themes are quite often specific and niche, you’ll get the opportunity to explore a world that’s new to you.

A recently held event, “Ferret Carnival Exhibit,” drew ferret lovers and admirers from all over the place to get together and celebrate these cuddly and underappreciated creatures in the form of art. For a limited time, you could not only admire the ferret artwork on the walls, but also buy ferret coasters, ferret chopstick holders and ferret plates, all made by local artists. The baristas and chefs also love to participate in the fun, and for this event they got into the spirit by offering ferret latte art and fried rice molded into cute little ferret faces.


In addition to all of the fun and creativity that the Potter Café offers, it still takes itself seriously as a café and offers an impressive array of coffee, tea, sodas and even cocktails and beers. Their coffee-based drinks are especially noteworthy—every cup of coffee is carefully dripped one at a time to deliver the freshest and most aromatic brew, and each café latte is a miniature work of art.


p25-02The food menu is also highly acclaimed with classic Japanese café menu items such as Hamburg steak and Naporitan spaghetti (a tomato-based pasta dish), as well as trendy options like quiche, which is the most popular dish and sells out quickly. While a few key items stay the same, the café also rotates its menu to showcase the season’s best ingredients and the chef’s newest collaborations with artists that match the theme of the café’s latest event. Everything offered here is extremely affordable, with nothing costing more than 800 yen.

A comfortable and cosy place for kids and adults, the Potter Café is the perfect hybrid of food, art and community, and is the type of place that everybody wishes they had in their own neighbourhood.

Artistic motifs

The Potter Café’s revolving themes make it a favourite hang-out spot that never gets old


  • The Potter Café holds events and galleries with fun and interesting themes that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.
  • For the “Paper Airplane Exhibit,” a gallery of creative and funky paper airplanes made by artists and customers was displayed.
  • At the “South Pole Penguin Exhibition in Midsummer” event, everything on the menu was made into penguin-themed art for one night.

Potter Café

Located a three-minute walk from JR Koenji Sta- tion (Chuo Line). Second floor of the building across from the 7-Eleven.

pottercafe.main.jp (Japanese language only)

TEL: 03-5373-8099
3-21-5 2F, Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

OPEN HOURS: Fri–Wed 11 am–9 pm Thurs closed