One of the hottest restaurants in Toronto, Hibachi is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for a meal to remember.


For seafood lovers: Dig into this generous portion of lobster tail, perfectly seared scallops and garlic-butter shrimps, served fresh from the teppenyaki grill.

For meat lovers: The secret is not just in the high quality of the meat, but also the clever way Hibachi cooks this tender and juicy striploin steak.


Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

Hibachi is one of the newest additions to Toronto’s entertainment district, and it’s been attracting savvy foodies and curious first-timers alike. Owner and executive chef Mr. Kee is not just a master of cooking on the teppanyaki grill, but also of entertaining guests with his performance.

Starting off with some welcoming music using his spatula and grill fork, Mr. Kee greeted his diners by drawing us a flaming smiley-face on the grill. As soon as he added our meal’s ingredients, they immediately began to sizzle. (The grill is incredibly hot, meaning the teppanyaki chef has to keep a close watch on the food while showing off his amazing flipping and tossing tricks.) Soon, the savoury aroma of scallops was in the air. As he flipped them, Mr. Kee mumbled, “Perfect….” And he was right. The scallops were sweet and soft, almost melt-in-your-mouth. Next up on the grill was an AAA striploin. Cooked to medium-rare as per our request, the meat was incredibly juicy and tender. (The secret? Garlic butter placed under the steak so that it absorbs the moisture and flavour without getting greasy.)

After the meal was done, Mr. Kee chatted with us and shared some of the challenges of running a restaurant in Toronto. And while it’s hard work, he told us, “at least I can make new friends! I just love cooking and meeting new people.” The perfect mantra for a restaurant that seamlessly combines good food with a fun night out.


Crispy and tender

These Chicken Wontons are crispy outside, tender inside. A great (and awfully cute) appetizer to share. Served with sweet and sour sauce.


Fresh and crunchy

The Green Dragon Roll and Sushi Sampler features crunchy shrimp tempura and sliced avocado, arranged like the scales of a dragon!

p11-photo01First in North America

Hibachi has installed special smokeless teppanyaki tables. That means customers can enjoy their food without inhaling grease-laden air or getting that smoky smell on their clothes.

Owner and executive chef

With over 15 years in the business, Mr. Kee knows how to create a special dining experience. As Hibachi’s owner, he spends more time at his desk these days, but he makes sure to share his skills with his fellow teppenyaki chefs. He has three Hibachi locations (Burlington, Oakville and Toronto) so far and is looking to expand in the near future.


p11-photo2Hibachi Teppanyaki & Bar

TEL: 416-367-3888

550 Wellington St. W., Toronto (by the Thompson Hotel)

OPEN: Mon–Thurs 11:30 am–10:30 pm • Fri 11:30 am– 11:30 pm • Sat 12 pm–11:30 pm • Sun 12 pm–10:30 pm