Art gallery meets dining experience at this cute café! Good for a bite and for finding souvenirs.


p24-2p24-6Looking for an intimate spot to have a coffee and a quiet chat with a friend, or a space to relax and peruse your favourite novel while visiting Japan’s largest city? Café & Gallery Lupopo may be exactly what you need—with the added benefit of offering some unique souvenirs for you to pick up while you are there.

Lupopo is located in Tokyo’s Sangen-jaya neighbourhood, part of the city’s Setagaya district. Known for its eclectic shopping, greenery and nightlife, Sangen-jaya is an area worthy of a stop—and Lupopo makes a trip even more worth-while. A perfect space for a bite to eat, or just a place to regroup with a coffee or a glass of wine, Lupopo offers a genuinely serene atmosphere—enough to bring calm to the busy traveller, even for a few minutes.

p24-5From the outside, this café immediately draws the eye with its unique facade and a number of plants stacked neatly to one side. The large, wooden door, often propped open in nice weather, warmly greets passersby, inviting them in. Once inside, the warmth of Lupopo continues. Gentle lighting accentuates the natural woods of the tables and floors as well as the textured stucco walls. Delicate features like a small stained glass window only add to the charming feel of the space. And on top of its cosy atmosphere, Lupopo is made even more comfortable by the friendly staff who are only too happy to assist customers during their visit.


Hearty and Healthy Materworksp25-3p25-2p25-1

For busy travellers looking for a healthy lunch or light dinner, Lupopo offers a selection of tasty dishes ranging from soups and salads, to pasta dishes, to—my favourite—desserts. This is an ideal place to stop if you are looking to warm your stomach with a meal that tastes like your mother’s home cooking, without feeling overly stuffed and sleepy afterward. Nobody enjoys touring around a new city on an uncomfortably full tummy! The food here is fresh and delicious and can be enjoyed while sipping a wine or beer (or a non-alcoholic bevvy!). Be sure to top off your meal with one of the baked goods for dessert—with chocolate cake and cheesecake on offer, you can’t go wrong. Finish off your dining experience with a latte, and you should be satisfied, energized and good to get back on your feet once again.

In terms of cost, Lupopo’s menu is very reasonable. Grab a soup and sandwich for around $10 Canadian, or a pasta dish for about the same. Salads run around $7, while beverages are all in the $5 to $6 range. Decent prices for excellent food with a twist….

Perhaps the most interesting part of Lupopo can’t be found on the menu. In addition to the comfy sitting area and yummy food choices, Lupopo is known for its mini-gallery where local artisans put their masterpieces up for sale. This is the ideal time-saver for the busy traveller: eat, drink and buy souvenirs for family back home, all in one go! Hand-crafted and original items are for sale in the café and range from purses to jewelry to beautifully delicate miniature felt animals. These artistic treasures give you a unique way to commemorate your trip to Tokyo—and, best of all, they will remind you of the lovely day you spent in this quaint café!


  • Looking for natural beauty? The Setagaya district’s official bird is the azure-winged magpie.
  • Explore art in the area: visit the Setagaya Art Museum located at 1-2 Kinuta-koen, Setagaya-ku.
  • Want to show off some knowledge of the Japanese art world? Check out the works of contemporary artist Takashi Murakami.
  • Combine art and coffee—ask the staff at Lupopo for some latte art and dazzle your senses.
  • Take some time to peruse the guestbook at Lupopo. Rumour has it that many guests leave beautiful illustrations behind for future visitors to explore!


Café & Gallery Lupopo

Located a two-minute walk from Sangen-jaya Station on Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line or Tokyu Setagaya Line. (Japanese language only)

TEL: 03-6228-1097
1-35-20 Sangen-jaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


Thurs–Mon 11:30 am–7:30 pm • Tues–Wed closed