Whether you prefer a classic game night or being on the cutting edge of technology, you’ll have fun with this month’s products.

1. Towering Sushi Rolls

Your favourite game from the ’80s is back with fun new features


Play with your food

The Oh! Sushi Game features 48 blocks in eight sushi varieties, chopsticks, a die and instructions.


Happy and active!

Have fun with an assortment of sushi rolls that are sure to satisfy you.

p10-1Now, here is a brilliant combination of two awesome things—melding classic tower-stacking gameplay with a cool Japanese twist. In addition to playing this familiar game the old-school way, you can try out a few new variations. Here are some of the ways that the Oh! Sushi Game keeps things interesting: in one version, roll the die to determine which kind of block you need to remove and place on top of the tower. Or, play it like Russian roulette by hiding a game-ending wasabi card in one of the blocks. Make everyone pick up the sushi blocks with chopsticks, or just compete to see who can make the tallest or coolest tower. You can also learn the many names for different sushi rolls by playing with the included “match the sushi block” game. This is a perfect diversion for family and friends during game night or on a cold, snowy winter evening!

More info about this product:

EYEUP co.,LTD | www.eyeup.co.jp

To order, search “Oh! Sushi Game” at Japan Trend Shop


2. Affordable Virtual Reality

Unfold a new world with your smartphone


p11-1Peek into a whole new reality

p11-2Who would have thought that a piece of cardboard could be your portal into a new world? Your smart-phone has all of the gyroscopic sensors and positioning systems needed to track your head movements, so you can actually dive into virtual reality by simply attaching this innovative contraption to your smart-phone and your head. By downloading the Hacosco app or various other virtual reality apps, you’ll have endless access to virtual reality videos and images with a 360° panoramic view that moves with your head. The viewer can even be customized with your own design or logo.

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HACOSCO INC. | Hacosco.com/en/  (To order, search ”Hacosco” at amazon.ca)


3. The Littlest Camera Drone

Nimble, quick and light, this little daredevil doesn’t just fly and capture clear and stable images—it does tricks, too.


Wi-Fi-enabled drone

The drone and your smartphone are seamlessly integrated and connected to the Internet, making it easy to send images to friends and family.

With so many different types of drones being out there these days, it may be a little overwhelming to figure out which one fits your needs and budget. The PXY Wi-Fi Quadcopter is the perfect little gadget for both enthusiasts and first-time drone owners who want something that is intuitive and easy to use. Its small size makes it easy to carry around for those unexpectedly capture-worthy moments, and with a simple snap of your smartphone to the controller, you can be instantly connected to live images from your drone. You’ll never want to leave your home without it again.

More info about this product:

G-Force Inc. | www.gforce-hobby.jp/ index-en.html

(To order, search ”PXY” at global.rakuten.com/en)