Located in the heart of the Theatre District, Fune has been serving Torontonians since the mid-nineties. Its Japanese dishes are prepared with love, skill and the freshest ingredients.

Take a front-row seat
The revolving sushi bar is the seat to have if you want a little bit of everything—and to watch the talented sushi chefs at work.
Grab yourself a slice

Sushi pizza is a popular item with customers. A generous topping of salmon or tuna rests on perfectly crunchy rice, drizzled with a spicy mayo sauce. (right bottom corner in the cover picture)

Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

As many TSO and theatre-goers are already well aware, Fune, a Japanese hot spot in the Entertainment District, has found a niche among seafood lovers. One side of the restaurant is devoted to the sushi bar, where small, pretty dishes roll around the 28-person rotating table in glass-domed dishes on boats, tempting the hungry diner wanting to try a little of everything. The other side has a more traditional dining-room feel, though customers can still order from the sushi bar or a la carte off the menu. As well as specializing in fresh and tasty raw seafood dishes, Fune also prides itself on the various hot-pot options available to customers. Nabemono, shabu shabu and sukiyaki are all cooked right at the table, where guests can drool over the thinly sliced pieces of marbled prime ribeye before it is cooked right under their noses.

One of the most striking features about the menu at Fune is the long list of smaller dishes. From the lengthy appetizer menu, patrons can choose from a variety of dishes that are sure to please a range of palates. On the lighter side, Fune offers a fresh selection of salads, including a kaiso seaweed salad with sesame dressing, a kani surimi crab, cucumber and fish roe salad, and a sunomono mixed seaweed salad. Seafood dishes are a specialty here— the gindara misozuke, or savoury broiled black cod marinated with miso, is one of the most popular choices. Another standout is the ika sugata-yaki: charbroiled, tender squid marinated with a tangy ginger sauce. Not to mention the exhaustive sushi menu! The truly amazing thing about this lengthy menu is that everything tastes incredible, too!


Fresh abundance of seafood

Fune’s selection of raw and seared sea treats is outstanding, as far as sashimi dinners go. Every selection is mouth-watering and the variety is spot on.


Another dazzling performance

Top-notch slices of seafood atop perfect portions of nicely cooked rice, served beside plump and generous California rolls.


Sushi on the go

Small dishes, really meant for sampling, roll right under your nose on beautiful wooden boats. It’s tempting to try every one that passes by!


Sizzling sweet shrimp

Succulent shrimp are cooked before your eyes at the table, where you can snatch them off the hibachi grill and head straight for the accompanying sesame sauce.


Fune Japanese Restaurant

funerestaurant.com | TEL: 416-599-3868
100 Simcoe St., Toronto

OPEN: Lunch: Mon–Fri 11:30 am–2:30 pm • Sat–Sun closed • Dinner: Daily 5 pm–Close