It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and that’s what makes these marshmallows extra-special. Fluffy and chewy with a decadent filling, these new marshmallows are creating a sensation— and they’re perfect for treating yourself and your loved ones.


Shoppers at MUJI Atrium were in for a special treat as the store gave out free samples of its gourmet marshmallows.


“I came in today on an errand, but these marshmallows were a nice surprise! I was expecting the marshmallow to be powdery and synthetic like other marshmallows I’ve tried, but this tastes natural and chewy. That’s good. I like it. The only other food I’ve bought at MUJI is candy. I’m a little bit of a candy fan—I do have a sweet tooth. I actually like the gummies and different chocolates, and this chocolate marshmallow combines both! If some- one gave me a bag of these for Valentine’s Day I would be happy!”   —Shabana



Donna-Mark-Mushu“This is our first time in the store! We like it. We haven’t seen the whole store yet but we like the esthetic and everything looks so practical and space-efficient. Are there always free samples at MUJI?! We liked the strawberry chocolate marshmallow. The flavour is a little like Pocky. It’s very intense: a strong strawberry flavour. Mark is the biggest sweets fan of the two of us. If he bought these marshmallows as a gift, he’d just end up eating them himself! It looks like Mushu thinks he’d like them too. Sorry, Mushu, these treats aren’t for dogs!” —Donna, Mark and Mushu




“Oh, we know all about the candies at MUJI! We’ve tried some of the other sweets and desserts, like the cotton candy and the instant tiramisu. The chocolate strawberry marshmallow is the sweetest thing ever! Any girl who loves sugar would like this as a gift. It’s indulgent. Our tastes are a little different though! We both like candies that are a bit less sweet. We like the chocolate flavour the most. It’s a classic.” —Anna and Dolores



MUJI’s gourmet marshmallows come in three sweet flavours: fruity strawberry, creamy chocolate and decadent chocolate strawberry. They are fluffy and chewy on the outside with a rich, intense filling. Forget plain, bland marshmallows—MUJI’s marshmallows are a taste sensation sure to put a smile on your face!

Strawberry Chocolate Marshmallows $3

Strawberry Marshmallows $3

Chocolate Marshmallows $6

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