Cold weather can make the day seem dreary. If you need a little support, here are five products that will keep you toasty this winter.

1. Snuggle with shrimp

Do you want to add some tasty air to your comfy night at home?



Separates into two parts, making it easy to wear.



There’s nothing quite like shrimp tempura wrapped in crispy deep-fried batter—and not just because it’s delicious! Now you can tempura-batter yourself to beat the bitter cold. This product isn’t just for fun: the interior is lined with soft fabric and the shrimp tails are fleece socks to keep you warm from head to toe.


2. Cozy soft slippers

These are the perfect pair for lounging at home on a frosty winter night. 


Light with a comfortable fit.

These one-size- fits-all slippers are made from a knitted material, lined with fleece and have a non-slip sole.



These slippers are filled with 1-mm micro-air beads, a material more commonly used for polystyrene insulation. The beads contain air pockets that prevent heat from escaping. And the insoles are made of polyethylene, meaning your feet will be well-protected from any cold coming up from the floor.

3. Relax your shoulders

In cold weather, all that hunching up in your coat can make you feel stiff.






Warm this pad up in the microwave and place it on your shoulders and neck. The steam and light pressure of the warmer help to relieve and relax your stiff muscles. It is made of silica gel inside and cotton fabric outside—so you can use it repeatedly! It’s also easily washed by hand.



4. Pour yourself a cup

This cute egg-shaped kettle makes a fine statement in your kitchen.


When winter comes, we naturally gravitate toward hot drinks. Why not add some joy to your stove with Nambu ironware this winter? This kettle is not only beautiful but practical. Water boiled in this kettle comes out mild, tasty and rich in iron, making your steaming drinks even better.

5. Warm your stomach 

There’s nothing better than a hot meal on a cold day—and now it’s easier than ever.


Do you crave ramen, hot-pot or stew on cold and grey winter days, but you’d rather spend as little time outside your tempura blanket as possible? Try this stylish, heat-proof bowl. It can be used on both the stove and in the microwave, and it lets you cook and serve your meal in one dish.


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