MUJI’s PP Storage line offers minimalist, modular storage that you can build to fill any space.


Jesse Chan – sales associate

When explaining MUJI to people who are new to the brand, Jesse, one of the housewares experts at the Atrium location, often finds friends trying to pigeonhole MUJI as a Japanese version of Ikea. And, on first inspection, MUJI’s PP Storage line might look like something you’d find at the Swedish retailer.

However, Ikea builds their storage solutions with a one-size-fits-all mentality. You can order custom shelving, but once it’s built, it can be difficult to repurpose or move to other rooms, leaving you to organize your life around its design. MUJI takes a more progressive approach, providing customers with a flexible palette of modular PP Storage units that can be combined into a solution to fit your lifestyle, and easily rearranged should your needs change.

p24-03This is precisely what we’ve come to expect from MUJI’s leading lifestyle brand: reliable options in a clean, mini-malist esthetic.

The PP stands for polypropylene, the hard-wearing, easy-to-clean plastic that the line is made from. This material makes PP Storage units strong and light, and its semi-transparent finish means that you can be reminded of what’s stored inside without having the contents on full display.

As Jesse introduced us to the PP Storage line, we had the revelation that what MUJI is offering here is the storage equivalent of Lego: drawers and bins in a wide range of sizes and depths, which you can combine an infinite number of ways. They’re stackable, like Lego, and can be customized with the addition of partitions, or made movable with modular wheels. Whether you have an ample amount of space to work around or you’re trying to squeeze a few drawers into a tiny apartment, the PP Storage line has your organizational needs covered.

P24_02Want to add a long drawer to make use of storage space under your bed? MUJI has an extra-deep PP Storage unit for that. Have some room at the bottom of your closet that could be better used? Build the perfect set of drawers for off-season garments by stacking a few PP Storage bins. The MUJI Atrium location sees a lot of businesspeople using PP Storage units as desk organizers, and Jesse has even seen a friend use the smaller PP drawers to store sneakers.

As PP Storage has been designed using the dedication to smart minimalism for which MUJI is famous, these units fit seamlessly into any setting. You can even combine the PP Storage line with other MUJI housewares, as they fit perfectly into MUJI’s modular, stacking shelves!

If you’re looking to learn more about all the options available in the PP Storage line, visit any of the Toronto locations, where one of MUJI’s housewares experts will be more than happy to help you find the perfect solution for your space.

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