Kyototo is ready for the new season with a line of accessories that celebrate the beauty of springtime sweets.

1. Mochi Style

Embrace the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi with these cute patches.

P10_PinkPeony Pink Peony Rice CakesP10_CherryBlossomCherry Blossom Rice Cakes


3 Color Dumplings for Cherry Blossom Viewing


Red Plum Rice Cakes


Colorful Maple Leaf Sweets


Hydrangea Rice Cakes


Colorful Camellia Rice Cakes


Rabbit Shaped Rice Cakes


This adorable patch looks great on a denim jacket

Kyototo makes it easy to incorporate wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept of embracing imperfection and visible repairs, into everyday life. Kyototo’s line of adorable patches can be added to your wardrobe to make a torn jacket or backpack beautiful again—or even just as a cute accent on a new piece. These sweet patches from Kyototo’s wagashi series feature mochi (rice cake) treats, which are especially popular during cherry blossom season, as well as a variety of savoury seasonal goodies. Celebrate the coming springtime with the three-colour dumpling patch or the cherry blossom rice cake, both popular snacks to accompany spring cherry blossom viewing.

2. Clip-on Style

You’ll have cute coming out of your ears with these earrings and hairpins.




Accessorize any outfit with Kyototo’s hairpins and earrings. Like other products in the wagashi series, these accessories feature seasonal sweets embroidered with great attention to detail. The hairpins come in a wide variety of styles and make a beautiful addition to a Japanese kimono or your everyday wardrobe. The earrings come in three adorable designs: red plum cakes, morning glory rice cakes and rabbit-shaped rice cakes. Earrings are also available in both secure clip-on and pierced options, meaning there is nothing getting in the way of welcoming spring with these adorable earrings.



3. Practical Style

These accessories will keep your things safe while you’re on the go this spring.

P11_GlassesCase1 p11_Glassescase2

The padded roll-up style keeps your glasses secure

P11_pouche2 P11_pouche1

The bale-shaped pouches can double as pen cases


Each pouch is spacious inside

If you’re looking for a more functional way to show your appreciation for Japanese seasonal treats, check out Kyototo’s handy pouches and glasses cases. The bale-shaped pouches feature metal closures that help keep your stuff secured, whether it’s makeup, accessories or other useful items. The glasses cases are soft and padded with cotton to protect your specs. These items feature beautifully designed fabrics printed with images of various sweets and are elegantly embroidered with the name of each treat. These accessories contain as much attention to design and detail as goes into crafting the seasonal treats they depict.


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