With the aim to promote and share Japan’s incredible food culture with the world, Zakkushi has taken izakaya fare to a whole new level.

Premium Set: If you can’t decide where to start on the extensive menu, the Premium Set is a great party opener. (left bottom corner in the featured picture)

Zakkushi Set: Try a selection of the most popular skewers on the menu. Traditional charcoal grilling at its best. (right top corner in the featured picture)

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Zakkushi is no newcomer to the restaurant scene: it opened its first Canadian location in downtown Vancouver in 2004 and was warmly welcomed to Toronto in 2012. So what gives the Zakkushi Group its staying power? Using binchotan charcoal imported from Japan, Zakkushi was the first restaurant to bring genuine charcoal-grilled yakitori skewers to Canada, and it has been delighting Canadians with savoury Japanese soul food ever since.

If you can’t decide what to try on the extensive menu, start with their signature yakitori plates and move on to their newest dishes. Zakkushi’s chefs know their way around a charcoal grill, as their mouth-watering yakitori skewers attest—but there is just as much attention to detail on the non-grill side of the menu! There are two new dishes that you particularly don’t want to miss if you’re seeking the authentic Japanese izakaya experience. Oroshi Agemochi is fried mochi (rice cake) served in a rich and slightly sweet broth. The fried mochi is crispy on the outside and soft inside, and topped with grated daikon radish. Meanwhile, Asari & Tsubukai Foil Yaki is a delicious way to taste the flavours of the ocean. Poached in foil, the dish is buttery and savoury with an accent of garlic.

Of course, the latest menu changes include a new yakitori entry, too: charcoal-grilled Hamachi Teriyaki. Rich and fatty hamachi is a great companion to a bottle of beer or a tokkuri of sake. Come and experience the new Zakkushi!


Asari & Tsubukai Foil Yaki

The juicy aroma of two kinds of clams wrapped up together in foil. The light, flavourful broth is a wonderful complement to any sake.


Teppan Gyoza

Enjoy the sizzling sound and the sweet-and-sour starchy sauce that come with these crispy fried dumplings.


Oroshi Agemochi

Zakkushi’s challenge! After receiving rave reviews when it came out as a seasonal item, this dish has been upgraded to a regular item on the menu.


Perfect bites made with prized charcoal

Binchotan is a white charcoal made from Japanese oak. It produces no flame or odour and retains heat at even temperatures, making it ideal for grilling.



TEL: 647-352-9455
193 Carlton St., Toronto

Daily 5:30 pm–1 am