MUJI returns to its roots with its elegant, timeless linen collection— the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

The French Linen 3/4 Sleeve Tunic is soft and breezy

“Linen is such a classic textile. People have been using it for thousands of years and for good reason. You really can live in it. People think caring for linen is daunting but it’s really easy. It’s a durable fabric that stands up to repeat washing and the natural beauty of the fabric really comes out with time.(I do recommend either laying your linen pieces at or hanging them to dry.)

We incorporate linen into almost every department. Not only do we have linen in our garments department, we also have it in our accessories, and we use it in our line of bedding as well. If you are someone who nds bedding uncomfortable in hot weather, switching to linen is a nice option because it breathes. It’s great for summertime, especially in humid Toronto.

The trend for our apparel line this year is a lot of blue hues and natural textures, and we are continuing this trend in the linen collection. If you look at our colour theme you’ll see hues of blue and colours that complement them, like pale brown or beige or raw white.

Try a few MUJI pieces together for a layered look!

The colour scheme of all these blues with the fabric’s natural texture is very reminiscent of Japanese clothing. It goes back to classic Japanese indigo dyeing. The boxy or draped silhouettes that we’re introducing are also inspired by Japanese street style. For summertime especially, we always go back to our roots.

The pants for some of the women’s collection are wide-cut and then cropped for an airy, light feel that you can layer. This collection really creates opportunities for light layering. You could wear our short-sleeve button-down over a long-sleeve shirt and then maybe even tie a shirt around your shoulders for extra effect.


Vernon is wearing the French Linen Crew Neck Sweater and Easy Trousers

We’re also introducing some more patterns just to give a bit more dimension. You’ll see pinstripes and also broader stripes on certain women’s tunics that evoke seaside living.

The outfit I’m wearing today showcases the hues-of-blue theme. These pants are beautiful and you can breathe in them. That’s the biggest feature of our linen collection. In hotter weather you don’t feel like you’re suffocating.

Most of MUJI’s apparel breathes really well, but linen is just different. You just feel different when you wear it. It’s not at all constricting and it becomes more exible and more fluid over time.”

Vernon Rubiano

Style Advisor at MUJI Yorkdale

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