Amp up your sock game with these stylish socks featuring creative prints.

1. Deep Sea Mascot Socks

Turn your sock drawer into a shing expedition with Felissimo’s socks!



Definitely not your father’s argyle socks! (Photo©FELISSIMO)

Take your feet on a deep sea adventure with these socks featuring colourful ocean creatures. The prints featured on these socks are in a distinct Japanese style and celebrate Japan’s traditional connection with the sea. They’re available in various styles and made of a cotton and acrylic blend, so you’ll be excited to slip your feet into them again and again. But what really makes these socks special is that they become adorable mascots when folded. Your sock drawer never looked so good!

2. Sweet Dress-up Socks

Treat your toes with Sou Sou’s traditional Japanese toe socks— with a stylish twist.


P10-08Ditch your boring tube socks and stock up on these Japanese toe socks direct from Yamatotakada, the sock-producing capital of Japan. Also known as tabi, these toe socks separate the big toe from the others and can be worn with thong sandals or in any shoe. A variety of prints are available, depicting Japanese sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth, traditional Japanese beauty products or a quaint, historical Japanese village scene. Available in women’s and men’s sizes, these cotton socks have a reinforced toe to keep your feet feeling secure and comfortable.

3. Sushi And Donut Socks

Satisfy your cravings with these delectable socks from Sukeno.



These socks are as appetizing as they are comfortable! While at a quick glance they may seem like ordinary socks, they are guaranteed to convert your sock drawer into a scrumptious sushi platter or a colourful box of delicious donuts. Made of a cotton polyester blend, these unisex socks have designs knitted directly into them, making the pattern as durable as the socks themselves. Sukeno’s website features video tutorials so you can learn how to perfectly roll your socks into a chocolate glazed donut or a piece of tuna sushi.

P10-16Looks good enough to eat!

P11_donuts_socks P11_donuts_rolled

From comfy socks … to a delicious-looking donut!

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