An enchanting evening devoted to celebrating the cherry blossom season.


At the intimate six-seat Kaisen Bar, lucky guests gather to enjoy Miku Toronto’s 10-course omakase. Hosted by Miku’s head sushi chef, Kazuki Uchigoshi, and chef de cuisine, Michael Acero, the Sakura Omakase offers diners a front-row seat to the making of Miku’s signature aburi-style cuisine. Before the meal begins, I am treated to the Aburi Sakura Martini, a sake, rose liquor and orange blossom water cocktail created for the occasion by Nick Meyer, head bartender—a splendid way to start off the evening! Following this delicious introduction, each subsequent course is accompanied by a premium sake pairing carefully chosen by Miki Ellis, Miku’s resident sake specialist.


Smoked Lobster Salad with a gochujang piperrada

My preview version of the Sakura Omakase menu begins with the Zensai course of Smoked Lobster Salad. Tender pieces of smoked lobster are accompanied with a sorrel and heirloom tomato salad, finished with yuzu dew drops and a gochujang piperrada, adding a lovely Korean-Spanish twist to the dish. I am then treated to a brilliant Truffle-Stuffed Baby Calamari nestled in squid ink champagne sauce before being presented with the most delectable Aburi Prime Nigiri sushi course (pictured above). The rectangular piece is Miku’s signature Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi. For those unfamiliar with the term, aburi cuisine is a method of ame-searing sushi. B.C. wild sockeye salmon is pressed and then dressed with soy and Miku’s signature sauce, seared and topped with a jalapeño. Absolute perfection! The far right piece is a buttery slice of gold-grade Japanese Wagyu, which melts in my mouth upon contact. And I cannot stop thinking about the uni sushi served with a thin piece of crispy seaweed tempura—the combination of textures worked so well together. The sake pairing of Urakasumi Zen Junmai Ginjo was a perfect match for the sushi course, cleansing the palate in between bites.


Sakura petals adorn the delicate Sakura Panna Cotta

For patrons enjoying the full 10-course omakase, the meal also includes an Amuse-Bouche course of miso foie gras, a Traditional Sashimi Course, two Nigiri Sushi courses, a Sakekasu marinated Japanese Wagyu beef dish and a Mizumono course of a Strawberry Mascarpone Cannoli to finish things off . This special Sakura Omakase menu is only on offer until May 11, so reserve your spot at the Kaisen Bar now! Book on-site at the restaurant or by email at mikutoronto@


Ariel Litteljohn

Ariel is often on the hunt for tasty bites, whether it be a flavourful tomato found at a local farmer’s market, peppered pomfret at a restaurant in Mumbai or takoyaki devoured on a small street in Osaka. Her accompaniments of choice are her husband, David, and their young daughters, Freya and Lumen.



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