Relax your way through the hot summer nights with MUJI’s ultra-soft, ultra-breathable bedding.

Interview with Kenneth Atienza, Sales Associate, MUJI Atrium

Summer is here and we can finally shed those heavy coats and puffy jackets. Some of you might be getting ready to hit the beach, while some are seeking ideal patios for a pint of beer … No matter how you spend your summer days, everyone likes to get a good sleep at night. And when it comes to sleep, comfort is key. As the nights get hotter, MUJI is offering a summer bedding solution on its shelves.

We asked Kenneth to tell us more about MUJI’s bedding— especially their linen bedding, which is only offered during the summer season.

“Linen bedding lines are great for summer. One thing about linen covers is they are more breathable compared to other covers. On top of that, they are already washed and they have a wrinkled look.” Linen bedding does look very inviting with its comfy, slightly rumpled appearance—you can believe that it’s more breathable than your average bedding, suitable for summer sleep. But, for those seeking a cosy night, here’s the big question: isn’t linen a bit stiff ?


This woven bedding is made with fine French and Belgian linens.

The more you use it, the softer it gets. 

“Oh, it gets softer as you wash it. It may be a bit stiff right now, but it definitely gets softer in the wash. And another thing that is good about linen is that it’s absorbent. So, if you are a person who sweats at night, linen bedding is better compared to other options—and it’s also quick to dry.”

In addition to linen, MUJI offers cotton and jersey bedding. Crisp cotton and soft jersey are also great options for a comfortable night’s sleep, and Kenneth notes that linen bedding is great all through the year—for summer as well as for winter (or for those who keep the air conditioning cranked up during summer nights).

“We do offer a selection of winter bedding when the winter season comes, but linen bedding can be used all through the year by adding an extra layer of blankets. And make use of a duvet cover! Some people don’t use a duvet during the summer because it gets too hot, but in winter, a duvet with a linen cover can be a good option as it won’t be too heavy or too light.”

One parting tip from Kenneth, who oversees all textiles at MUJI Atrium, including bedding and clothing items: “When washing your bedding, I would recommend not using the dryer. In general, this could be said for all our garments: we recommend washing them with cold water and hanging them to dry. If you would like to use the dryer, our recommendation is to set it on ‘Air Flu ’ to make the items last longer. With any material, including prewashed material, too much heat will shrink it.” Good to know!

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