Add some cute and colourful touches to your everyday electronic devices with this month’s handy selections.

1. Build A Dance Party

Brighten up your day with one of these Lego brick smartphone speakers.




Compact and cute, these bricks feature double-sided speakers for a sound quality that is anything but small. Their size, however, makes them easy to use anywhere, and since they can be powered with three AA batteries, you can take them to the park, the beach or wherever you want to enjoy your favourite tunes. Each speaker also comes with USB and AUX cables for an additional source of power. Compatible with iPhone or Android devices, these speakers use “near field audio” technology to wirelessly connect to your smartphone. Just place your phone on top of the speaker and hit play!

2. Listen in Retro Style

Every day is Throwback Thursday with these Nintendo earphones.


Nostalgia is so hot right now. Get in on the throwback trend with these Nintendo Entertainment System-themed ear-buds. Modelled after the original Famicom system, as it was known in Japan, these earbuds are sure to satisfy any yearning for the 80s’. Each set of headphones includes a cable extender, detachable earbuds and a microphone shaped like the original system’s controller.

3. Home Movies On The Go?

Use your smartphone as your very own home theatre system with this handy projector.


This simple smartphone projector can quickly transform your home into a theatre. Despite needing some assembly, the projector is incredibly easy to use and no batteries are required. The projector can hold smartphones with screens up to 5.5 inches in size. Once you’ve got the lens set up inside the cardboard frame, just drop your smartphone in and you’re good to go!

4. Perk Up Your Ears

Show your affection for all things feline with these adorable cat-eared head-phones!


These headphones are the purrfect way to look cute while enjoying your favourite music. Besides being adorable, these headphones are durable, with rubber and enamel to ensure that they last. You also don’t have to sacrifice sound quality for style, as they are designed to provide powerful audio. Choose from 10 different colour options to complement your look.


5. Pet Your Phone

Cuddle up with this furry makeover for your smartphone.


A cat’s tail is very useful, especially when it’s on your phone! This furry smartphone cover is soft to the touch and has a tail that you can use as a closure, or as a handle to hold on to your device. It comes in four collectable colours and fits smartphones up to 15 cm x 7.5 cm.

More information on these products 

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