If ramen has ever left you wanting more, Ebisu has the bowl for you.

Fujisan Ramen – Chashu: This bowl features a generous portion of pork and a smooth, flavourful broth. (on the left in the featured picture)

Fujisan Ramen – Karaage: Hearty ramen and fried chicken, brought together in one delicious bowl. (in the middle in the featured picture)

Ramune Highball: This sweet, sparkling soda is the perfect cocktail base. (on the right in the featured picture)

Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!

Let me know if this sounds familiar. You slurp your way through your ramen only to be left, still hungry, staring at soup broth with not a noodle in sight.

Not so at Ebisu on Queen. Inspired by the Jiro-style ramen craze sweeping Tokyo, Ebisu has introduced the Fujisan Ramen, a bowl named after the most famous mountain in Japan.

It starts with either six pieces of chashu pork or three pieces of fried chicken karaage, and your choice of miso, shio, shoyu or spicy broth. You then choose thick or thin noodles, and, finally, how big an order of vegetables you’re looking to tackle: small, medium or large. Another restaurant would charge extra for more vegetables, but at Ebisu it’s all included.

On my visit, I tried the shio ramen with chashu pork and the spicy broth with karaage, and elected to get a large order of vegetables with both. Manager Takuya Matsuda warned me that was going to be a real challenge to eat, but I dismissed his concerns.

But when Takuya set my bowls down in front of me, I quickly realised why “Fujisan” is such an appropriate name. There were literal mountains of beansprouts and cabbage looming out of the soup, and I knew this was just the bowl of ramen I’d been seeking!

But what about the ramen itself? The karaage was tender and delicious while Ebisu’s shio tonkotsu broth was pleasingly garlicky without being too oily. On Takuya’s recommendation, I chose Ebisu’s thick noodles, and they held up well, keeping their springy texture throughout my meal.

That being said, Ebisu is far more than just a ramen-ya, with an extensive menu featuring everything from tapas to chirashi sushi. Whether you’re looking to share a drink with friends or to take advantage of the awesome happy hour deals, Ebisu is a chill place to enjoy authentic Japanese fare.


Flame-seared sushi

Spicy jalapeño is a great match for fatty yellowtail! This Yellowtail Jalapeño Battera Sushi is ame-seared right at your table.


Fresh seafood box

Looking for a lighter choice? Ebisu has it covered! Try the colourful and appetizing Chirashi Sushi Box with fresh seasonal seafood.


Umeshu Shakera-to

A plum wine cocktail rimmed with salt, with an edible plum to garnish.


Ebisu on Queen

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