Tough, reliable carry-on, presented with MUJI minimalism.

DS2_2664_c4The wheels roll smoothly when you want them to, or they can lock in place

Travelling with only carry-on luggage can save you a lot of headaches when it comes to dealing with weather issues, missed connecting flights or unexplained lost luggage. But not all carry-on luggage is created equal, and even when travelling carry-on there’s always the question of whether your case will come in under carry-on restrictions.

Fortunately, MUJI has the answer for these woes: the 33L Valise Hard Carry Travel Suitcase. I had the chance to speak to Sijia Mao, department lead for accessories and travel at the MUJI Atrium store, about this spinner hard case that is built tough and meets carry-on restrictions for all airlines.

The Hard Carry suitcase has the features you’d expect of typical carry-on baggage, like traditional suitcase handles on the top and side of the case, four smooth-riding spinner casters and a telescoping pull handle. However, MUJI has added a number of extras.

First off, this is a very tough case, while still remaining relatively light. This is thanks to the exterior shell—which is built of hard-wearing, shock-dispersing polycarbonate—and the case’s strong zipper, which is secured by a built-in, TSA-approved lock. Though the spinner casters and pull handles seem standard at first glance, MUJI has innovated on both. They’ve introduced a unique lock for the wheels to keep your luggage from rolling off on you, and they’ve improved on the telescoping pull handle, allowing users to lock it at any length they wish, rather than the usual three or four pre-set lengths.


Generous organizational compartments can be further divided using MUJI gusset cases

(sold separately)

Internally, the case is divided into top and bottom with a combination of polyester zippers, straps and mesh pouches for compartmentalizing your packed items. These compartments should offer enough storage for the average traveller, but MUJI also sells separate gusseted nylon cases for further organization, should you need it. These gusset cases are very convenient, seeming almost like the PP Storage solution to packing, except they’re made of soft material that can be folded flat and packed away when not in use.

And all of this functionality is presented with the stylish, minimalistic design that we’ve come to expect of MUJI. The case’s external lines are simple and modern, and the polycarbonate shell lends the case a slight sheen. The case itself is available in four standard colours—black, beige, navy and red—but individual MUJI stores will sometimes introduce limited colours, such as the white case that was available at MUJI Yorkdale’s opening.

The 33L Valise Hard Carry Travel Suitcase is available at any of Toronto’s MUJI locations.


Interview with Sijia Mao

Department Lead for Accessories and Travel, MUJI Atrium

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