Mr. Tonkatsu is here to show you how this super-satisfying Japanese comfort food is done.

Screen-Shot-2017-06-28-at-3.17.57-PMIf the word tonkatsu is in your name, you had better be offering a pretty exceptional take on this popular Japanese dish. Now with two locations downtown, Mr. Tonkatsu is on a mission to introduce this delicious Japanese take on a deep-fried cutlet to Toronto, and it lives up to the expectations. This restaurant doesn’t do anything halfway. One of the most important secrets to the success of this tonkatsu is that the restaurant makes its own breading. Long before the doors open, the cooks are busy in the kitchen baking the special bread that will be ground to make the in-house panko—or aky breadcrumbs. The result is amazingly light and crispy, popping and crackling with flavour and then almost melting on your tongue as you sink your teeth into the perfectly juicy pork loin hiding inside.

The Tonkatsu Set is served with all the traditional accompaniments. The zesty homemade sauce pairs perfectly with the deep-fried pork. Make sure to grind up some toasted sesame seeds with the special mortar and pestle provided to your table, then add them to the sauce to round out the bold tastes of this meal. Finally, fresh shredded cabbage provides a refreshing palate cleanser to balance the savoury pork loin. Once you’ve enjoyed the pork tonkatsu, there are plenty of other variations to experience, such as ground beef, fish or chicken with cheese.

Screen-Shot-2017-06-28-at-3.19.31-PMThe Katsudon is another great way to enjoy tonkatsu. This is a donburi, or rice bowl, topped with breaded pork loin, caramelized onion, fresh radish, soy sauce reduction and a poached egg. The humble donburi bowl may look simple, but this is a hearty meal full of flavour that is sure to satisfy your cravings.

The flavours of Mr. Tonkatsu are simple, but perfectly executed. Like so much comfort food, it is as much about the texture as the taste. From the moist pork to the three-dimensional crunch of the breading, to the warm fluffy rice of the donburi, Mr. Tonkatsu is a delight for the senses. It’s hard to think of anything more satisfying!





Walter Muschenheim

Walter is a Toronto-based translator and writer. A real globetrotter, he has lived in France, Germany and the United States and explored Europe and Japan. On his adventures, he loves to learn about languages and food: the two cornerstones of culture!


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