Start the summer right with GeoDesign’s cute and humorous norimaki towels. You have even more choices than in a sushi restaurant.

The norimaki is the culinary symbol of happiness because it has “happiness rolled inside.”


Both functional and esthetic, these cute little towels are a fun addition to your decorative shelf or linen closet. You can choose from cucumber rolls, natto rolls, tuna rolls, tamagoyaki (egg) rolls and much more. Made with 100% cotton, the soft and gentle fabric is perfect for all kinds of uses—and kids love them. You can even wrap one around the strap of your purse or backpack as an accessory!


Gift package – The perfect fun present for anyone

Share happiness with your friends and family with the gift package, which lets you choose from a variety of different norimaki. You won’t even have to worry about wrapping because they’ll already be packed in a beautiful and traditional bamboo leaf bento box or wood box.

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