MUJI offers a line of dot-grid notebooks perfect for keeping tabs on your busy life.


Organize your days with a journal of your own

It’s odd that in our information age, powered by digital calendars on mobile devices, we’d still be talking about topics as analog as physical journals. However, ironic or not, it’s a fact that a physical, handwritten form of journaling is taking our digital society by storm.

Thanks to bullet journaling people all over the world are putting down their digital organizers in favour of a return to a more tactile means of managing your professional and social commitments.

As a perfect extension of this shift to analog from digital, the bullet journal was invented by a digital product designer from Brooklyn named Ryder Carroll. Since its creation, whole websites have been dedicated to the practice. What bullet journaling boils down to is a strategy for simplifying a traditional agenda, diary or Day-Timer, while giving you the freedom to personalize it to your heart’s content.

Interview with Tina: Sales Associate, MUJI Yorkdale

Simple yet personalized. Sound familiar? This is where MUJI comes in! Whether you’re already well versed in the idea of bullet journaling or you’re someone who’s simply curious about trying it out, all you need to get started is a notebook with a dotted grid. However, the bullet journal boom has meant that these simple notebooks have gotten surprisingly expensive.

Not at MUJI, however. As anyone familiar with its stationery line should expect, MUJI offers simple, stylish options for bullet journaling at a very reasonable price. It has a range of dot-grid notebooks that are conveniently spiral-bound, so they fold flat. The journals are available in a variety of styles and sizes, with features like elastic enclosure bands, built-in pen cases and hard-wearing plastic covers.

Once you’ve found the notebook that works best for you, the next step is to decide how your journal will be laid out and colour coded. For this task, MUJI offers a wide assortment of coloured pens and markers, from its highly prized gel pens, to sets of coloured markers with dual fine and brush tips. The final step is to customize and decorate your journal using the dozens of stamps on hand in the stationery section of each MUJI store.

To get started on your bullet journal, speak to MUJI staff in the stationery section of any of the four GTA locations.


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