The maids at Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Café are experts at friendly service, but that’s just one of their talents.

Screen-Shot-2017-07-31-at-2.01.15-PMTraditionally, a performer who can sing, dance and act is called a “triple threat.” But the maids at this Bay and Dundas café have invented a new triple threat: singing, dancing and cheesecake! And that’s not to mention the triple threat that is the three unique styles of cheesecake on the menu.

Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Café is inspired by the trend of maid cafés that has swept Japan. Somewhere in between cosplay and cabaret, these cafés feature servers who dress in French maid costumes and put on musical performances for the guests.

At Angel Café, there’s a big focus on getting customers involved—like when you order the omurice. This light, fluffy omelette on top of tomato rice with sautéed vegetables and bacon comes with a fresh salad, a savoury clear soup—and a personalized drawing made in ketchup by your server right at the table.

The maids also put a lot of serious work into their floorshows. Made up entirely of servers from the restaurant, the dance performance team ACT102 prepares a new one-hour show every month. If you can’t make it to the main show, you can catch a sneak peek on Fridays and Saturdays at 6 pm.

Screen-Shot-2017-07-31-at-2.01.22-PMWhile you watch, try the Japanese cream soda: a twist on a traditional float with delicious melon soda, whipped cream and ice cream. The refreshing melon flavour and silky ice cream make a heavenly combination. If you’re a fan of matcha, you’ll enjoy the shiratama, or Japanese rice cake with matcha ice cream and matcha sauce.

Angel Café is also a great place to skip the line and get Uncle Tetsu’s famous cheesecake. If you’ve never tried it, it’s a must. Light, fluffy and a little eggy, it has a unique texture that is distinct from traditional cheesecake while still having that rich flavour. You can even order it to go right from Angel Café.

In addition to the original recipe cheesecake, you can buy the café’s two other styles of cheesecake to go: the angel hat cheesecake is even lighter and fluffier than the original, while the lunar cheesecake is smooth and creamy. There is also a special matcha-flavoured cheesecake available exclusively on Tuesdays and Thursdays.




Walter Muschenheim

Walter is a Toronto-based translator and writer. A real globetrotter, he has lived in France, Germany and the United States and explored Europe and Japan. On his adventures, he loves to learn about languages and food: the two cornerstones of culture!


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