Strength and wisdom: an up-and-coming chef and a local legend provide a complete experience of authentic Japanese cuisine.


Seasonal appetizers: Chef Okada visits local markets almost every morning to see what ingredients are most in season before crafting the day’s menu from scratch. (right corner dish in the picture above)

Omakase sushi:The restaurant offers the traditional omakase, or chef’s set menu, which showcases the day’s selection of fresh fish. (bottom dish in the picture above)

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Still waters run deep, and this placid, unassuming dining room in Burlington belies the great depth of experience of its two chefs.


Owner and Chef Masayuki Takabe heads up the sushi counter at Sushi Masayuki, plying the skills he learned from over 10 years working at Oakville institution Mye Restaurant to produce expertly crafted sushi. The chef pairs fresh fish own in from Japan with delicate flavours and pays special attention to balancing tenderness and firmness.

DS2_3156_c4While the excellent sushi is a boon to Burlington and Oakville locals, it’s the traditional kaiseki menu that makes the restaurant worth the trip from across the GTA. A rarity in southern Ontario, this traditional multi-course Japanese dining is only available at a small number of restaurants due to the years of experience its chefs require.

At Sushi Masayuki, Takeshi Okada draws on his vast experience to create the kaiseki menu. The meal takes the form of a parade of meticulously crafted small dishes. You can see the preparation that goes into each bite. A small bundle reveals itself to be an omelette, tied with a tiny strip of cucumber, that bursts into a confetti of fresh mushrooms and seasonal vegetables once you pop it in your mouth. A simple salad reveals a hidden complexity of flavour—and all the vegetables have been carefully sliced to ensure they keep their ideal texture, following the principles used by sushi chefs.

Located just off Queen Elizabeth Way, Sushi Masayuki is a great reason to stop off in Burlington if you are planning a trip to the Niagara region—just be sure to call ahead for a reservation. Whether you’re a fan of great sushi or eager to experience kaiseki, everyone is sure to find an experience they will remember.



The tempura at Sushi Masayuki is light and crunchy, and the vegetables and shrimp are moist without being oily.


Snapper head

While small in quantity, the choice bits of meat on this fish head offer flavour in abundance!


Sushi Masayuki

2180 Itabashi Way, Burlington

905-336-0030 |

OPEN: Tues–Thurs 11:45 am–2:30 pm, 5:30 pm–9:30 pm
Fri 11:45 am–2:30 pm, 5:30 pm–10 pm • Sat 5:30 pm–10 pm Sun 5:30 pm–9 pm • Mon closed