In an age of digital media, Fujifilm’s Photo Concept stores are reviving the excitement of print photography.


The Annex Photo Concept store, located in the Toronto neighbourhood bearing the same name, is Fujifilm’s unique new concept that was created to give visitors an immersive experience as soon as they walk through the doors. The idea behind the store is to provide customers with an interactive environment in which to get excited about photography while allowing Fujifilm to test and develop new consumer facing products, which they can then use to help educate their retail partners and other stores. The Annex Photo Concept store recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, treating loyal customers and neighbours to a day filled with celebrations and giveaways, including the amazing hourly giveaway of a Fujifilm install Mini 9 instant film camera.


So, what exactly is a “Photo Concept” store, you may wonder?

Well, it is Fujifilm’s project to inspire a “Photo Renaissance.” With over 83 years as a leader in the photography imaging business, Fujifilm is finding ways to keep photography alive and relevant and to ensure that their various products and other offerings are evolving alongside the tastes of their customers. Once inside, visitor get to experience an engaging and interactive retail space that offers cutting-edge printing capabilities, instant print kiosks and stations, as well as a variety of retail offerings. The Annex Photo Concept store joins the other Concept stores located in Tokyo, Bogota, Shanghai, Barcelona, Istanbul, Auckland, New York City and Kuala Lumpur. These Concept stores are also sometimes branded as Wonder Photo Shops, which have over 40 location in 22 countries.

Annex Photo continues to bring the joy of photography to the neighbourhood by hosting occasional themed DIY workshops. Check the Annex Photo newsletter for the latest news, and make sure to follow Annex Photo on social media (on Instagram and Facebook as @annexphotostore) to stay up to date.





Annex Photo

362 Bloor St. W., Toronto | 416-922-0920

OPEN: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm