Toronto’s own YouTube personalities Sylvia Jade and Istiana Bestari go on the adventure of a lifetime.

DS2_4471_4con the evening of September 7, a night of delicious food, entertainment and discovery was topped with the announcement of a new YouTube series dedicated to exploring Tohoku and Tokyo.

Explore Tohoku and Tokyo! invited influencers and members of the Toronto Japanese community to sample the best Tohoku and Tokyo have to offer. The event also served to announce an exciting project in collaboration with two rising YouTube stars from Toronto. The pair snagged an amazing opportunity to go on a new adventure when Air Canada, JNTO and Tokyo Tourism teamed up to whisk them away on a tour of Japan.


Local vloggers Sylvia Jade and Istiana Bestari filmed their adventures as they discovered the treasures of Tokyo and Tohoku. In addition to travel, Sylvia and Istiana’s videos cover a wide range of topics, including beauty, fashion, food and life in Toronto. Istiana’s focus is DIY décor, fashion and beauty care. She says that she aims to inspire young women with travel and creative projects. Sylvia is a food and fashion junkie with a background in marketing whose enthusiasm and humour are infectious.

DS2_4455_4cAir Canada, JNTO and Tokyo Tourism felt the two girls were the perfect team to show Canadians around Tokyo and the Tohoku region. The organizers pulled out all the stops to make sure that Sylvia and Istiana experienced everything these vibrant parts of Japan have to offer.

Check out these vloggers’ YouTube channels to see their VIP trip, which begins with a nonstop trip from Toronto to Tokyo on one of Air Canada’s new Dreamliner jets. After a day cramming in as many Tokyo adventures as they can, it’s off to Tohoku—an exciting part of Japan that is less familiar to the West. Japan’s diversity is on display as Sylvia and Istiana’s adventure continues, and their videos are full of discoveries as the vloggers explore everything the area has to offer.

In Tohoku, the vloggers take in the sights and sounds of the regional festivals of Sansa Odori, Kanto Matsuri and Nebuta Matsuri. These ancient traditions are brought to vibrant life by talented locals and are a feast for the senses, with teams of dancers, amazing lantern parades and enormous floats carried by hundreds of volunteers.

Look for Sylvia and Istiana on YouTube to share in the excitement!
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