Manmade beaches, soothing cruises with spectacular city views, and a luxurious rooftop hot spring and spa: Tokyo is full of spots for wet and watery fun.

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Whether you’re looking for a place to cool down on a hot summer day or a way to stay cosy and warm in winter, Tokyo’s “watering holes” are some of the main attractions of the city all year round.

Though there are beaches an hour or two outside of the city, Tokyo’s manmade island, Odaiba, comes complete with a small stretch of sandy shore. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed, but you can still wade in the water. However, the pretty view of the celebrated Rainbow Bridge over the water is the beach’s true selling point. It’s especially romantic when the bridge is lit up at night. The nearby shopping complex has many food options to choose from once you work up an appetite strolling along the sand.

Beaches are a great way to cool off, but Tokyo’s hot springs are the ultimate way to get steamy. The Spa La Qua complex uses water pumped from the Koishikawa hot springs. The water is enriched with sodium chloride and not only is it good for circulation, it leaves skin soft and smooth. There are indoor and outdoor baths as well as a sauna and relaxation room that offers amazing views of Toyko’s colourful cityscape. There’s even a package that allows for overnight stays.

And many cruise ships sail along Tokyo’s famous Sumida River. You can take a sightseeing cruise, a “booze cruise” which supplies unlimited drinks for a few hours, or even cruises that follow a particular holiday theme. The design of the popular cruise ships Himoko and Hotaluna is so unique and futuristic that the view of the ships themselves is almost as cool as the view from the water.

If a cruise isn’t your speed, there’s white-water rafting on the Tama River in Okutama, about an hour and a half outside of the city centre by train. The thrill of rushing down a river surrounded by fresh air and mountain scenery is a nice change of pace from the city crowds. There are half-day and full-day courses, and beginners are welcome too.

Tokyo’s various watery wonderlands are some of the city’s best places to visit.

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