The second location of this Oakville institution offers a fresh take on a local tradition.

staff02At this point it’s safe to say that Chef Motoaki “Mo” Aoki is a fixture in the Oakville community. His original restaurant in Oakville, Mye, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. After trying the delicious yakiniku steak and sukiyaki at Mye earlier this year, I was determined to make the trek to Mye’s new sister location, now in its third year, to give it a try.

Mye 2 definitely has the air of a younger sister. The dining room preserves the tranquil atmosphere of the original and all the classic menu items are there, but the open-concept space is more suited to quick lunch seatings or large family dinners and events, rather than the intimate, drawn-out dinners that are common at the original Mye.

It’s currently Oyster Fest at Mye and Mye 2, so I decided to try two different takes on oysters. Raw PEI oysters on the half shell are served with house-made rice vinegar and green onion. The garnish adds brightness and a green vegetal note that emphasize the sweet, fresh flavour of the oysters. In the decadent Oysters Rockefeller, the taste of toasted cheese envelops the salt of the oyster. The light chewiness of the oyster meat blends perfectly with the creaminess of the stuffing.

staff01True to its youthful, casual vibe, Mye 2 offers ramen as its signature dish. However, Chef Mo has a decidedly refined view of casual dining and the ramen is similarly polished. Tokyo natives will instantly recognize the traditional shoyu ramen of their hometown. Rich, velvety, yet delicate shoyu broth, slow-roasted pork belly and tangy bamboo shoots combine in a comforting blend of flavours offering surprising depth. Custardy egg, crunchy bok choy, pepper, garlic and nori are all that’s needed to complete this classic.

Just when the meal seems to be wrapping up, Mo comes out with a special treat: his Drunken Chicken. Flaky and biscuity on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside, it’s the best take I’ve ever tried on the traditional chicken karaage. It’s yet another example of Mo’s dedication to perfecting the basics. “No matter what you make, focus on the product first,” he insists.




Walter Muschenheim

Walter is a Toronto-based translator and writer. A real globetrotter, he has lived in France, Germany and the United States and explored Europe and Japan. On his adventures, he loves to learn about languages and food: the two cornerstones of culture!


Mye 2 Japanese Restaurant

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