Gather ’round the grill and feel the warmth this winter at Goen Yakiniku.


Beef ribs:It turns out good things really do come in small packages. Grab your chopsticks because this succulent marinated meat proves bite-sized is best.


Pork belly:Let it sizzle and pop—and then pop it in your mouth! Pork belly is one of the most recommended dishes on Goen’s menu.

If you’re anything like me, you tend to associate barbecue with summertime. Maybe you grew up swimming in the back-yard pool while your dad grilled burgers to juicy perfection on the back deck. Or maybe, as an adult, you live for those sunny Saturday afternoons with friends gathered around the outdoor grill at the cottage, drinking ice-cold beer and trying not to burn the beef. In either case, if you find yourself staring at the February calendar and inwardly groaning about just how far off the May long weekend seems, rest assured knowing that you can get your BBQ fix right now—with a Japanese twist.

Yakiniku (literally “grilled meat”) is commonly referred to as Japanese barbecue—and you’ll find it all year round at Goen Yakiniku in Richmond Hill. Similar to Korean barbecue but unique in its own right, yakiniku involves cooking bite-sized pieces of meat, shrimp and various vegetables on an iron net over an open flame or an electric grill. The meat is typically marinated first in soy sauce or miso, or it’s simply salted and topped with a squeeze of lemon for a rich, refreshing flavour. And if there’s anyone who knows flavour, it’s owner and chef Zihang Sha, who studied the art of Japanese barbecue in Meguro, Tokyo, for nearly a decade before coming to Canada to tickle our tastebuds.

Be prepared to unleash your inner carnivore at Goen. You’ll find just about any meat your midsection desires on the menu, from boneless short ribs to ox tongue, pork neck to pork belly, and meat sashimi to wagyu (a premium Japanese beef, available by request). If you really can’t decide, go for the beef combo of eight different meats or the fresh shrimp—and don’t forget rice and veggies on the side. Throw in some sake and consider yourself warned: you’ll have to roll yourself home.


A meaty assortment

Can’t make up your mind? Try one of each! This beefed-up platter is sure to satisfy everyone at the table.


Goen Yakiniku

328 Hwy. 7 E., Unit 8, Richmond Hill 647-978-8559

OPEN: Mon–Fri 4 pm–11 pm Sat–Sun 1 pm–11 pm