Baby, you can drive my car—But maybe not if it’s as nice as this one!

Warm weather is just around the corner and with it comes that glorious feeling of rolling down the windows, turning up the music and stepping on the gas. It’s almost road trip season, and wherever you’re headed this spring and summer—be it cottage country, across the country or just around the city—there’s no denying that the 2018 Honda Accord sure would be a sweet way to get there.

Named America’s best sedan by Car and Driver magazine and Canadian Car of the Year by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada—the same award given to the previous generation of the Accord back in 2013—the 2018 Accord is anything but your typical sedan. Completely redesigned and featuring a sleek Coupe-like profile, this car somehow manages to tick all of the boxes: modern, sporty, roomy, reliable and—let’s face it—downright sexy.

Available in two gas-powered models boasting 1.5- and 2.0-litre VTEC TURBO engines—as well as a hybrid option—plus 19-inch wheels, angled front bumper trim, a modest trunk spoiler and brilliant LED headlights, the Accord can shift effortlessly between city streets, rural roads and highway lanes. Not to mention that it does it all safely and quietly: Honda’s sensing system is actively engaged in your safety with options like forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alerts, depending on the model. And the acoustic laminated glass, thicker carpet padding, underbody covers and special rings on the tires absorb sound for a smoother, quieter driving experience.

So it’s sleek, safe and all set for the open road, but did you know it’s sizable, too? Nobody will be hurting for personal space in this car—even the poor sucker who gets the middle seat. Built slightly wider than its predecessor, the Accord can accommodate even the leggiest of passengers with its roomy front and back seats. Up front, the driver and first to call shotgun can bask in the plush leather-and-cloth seats, extra-spacious centre console and soft-touch dashboard with chrome accents. Behind them, passengers can throw their books in the map pockets on the backs of both front seats, drop their drinks in cupholders, set the rear seat air vents just the way they like them and stretch their limbs out to their hearts’ content because the Accord has the largest backseat in its mid-sized car class. Take it a step further and upgrade models to enjoy heated (and cooled!) seats everywhere in the car. That’s right—a warm bum is no longer a front-seat-only club perk.

Not yet ready to throw your bags in the Accord’s massive 16.7-cubic-foot trunk and hit the road? Perhaps the techie in you will be swayed, because to say that this new Honda is smart would be an understatement. From the wireless remote starter and the push-to-open capless fuel filler to the scrollable digital dashboard cluster and the 7-inch Android Auto-and Apple CarPlay-enabled display audio system, this car’s interior will have you convinced you’ve gone and splurged on a luxury model. Pair your device and vehicle using Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless technology simply by touching your Android phone to the dashboard, or drop your iPhone on the wireless charging pad below the front display. Missed a speed limit sign as you passed it? No problem—you’ll see it captured on your dash so that you never have to worry about being overly speedy. And when you reach your destination, walk away with remote in hand and no worries in mind—the car will automatically lock up for you.

If you’re in the market for a chic new car to take for a spin this summer, the 2018 Honda Accord might be the one. Give it a test drive and see if you can resist.