Located in Markham’s Commerce Gate Plaza, Donburi serves up a variety of hearty dishes in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Tuna Tataki Don: This bowl features lightly seared tuna alongside ponzu-seasoned grated daikon radish, tobiko (caviar) and a drizzle of wasabi-flavoured mayo. ($14.75)  (left corner dish in the featured picture)

Umani Don: Made with Japanese pickles, cucumber, eel, imitation crab meat, house mayo sauce and BBQ eel sauce, this savoury bowl is the definition of “umami.” ($13)  (right corner dish in the featured picture)

Signature Gyuu Don: Literally “beef bowl,” the Gyuu Don consists of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onions simmered in a mildly sweet special sauce. ($12.50) (top dish in the featured picture)

 Hungry for more? Let’s dig in!


Looking to tuck into some delicious Japanese comfort food? Look no further than Donburi, a restaurant whose specialty is revealed right in its name.

The term donburi refers to a dish of various ingredients usually simmered together, then served atop a big bowl of rice. These are hearty, comforting meals with a wide range of possibilities to please all kinds of palates.

A signature item on Donburi’s menu is the Gyuu Don: thinly sliced, deliciously tender beef and onions simmered in a sauce made of dashi (soup stock), mirin (sweet rice wine) and soy sauce, then served over a heaping bowl of rice. This well-known dish offers a perfect balance of savoury flavours. Try adding a soft poached egg to top off your meal!

Not a beef fan? Not to worry: there are plenty of rice bowls to choose from here. At Donburi you can top your bowl with everything from katsu—a breaded and fried pork cutlet—to unagi, or grilled eel, which comes served in a sweet sauce. The menu also includes a number of other Japanese favourites, like agedashi tofu, fried gyoza (dumplings) and a variety of grilled skewers.

Of course, no meal is complete without some refreshments, and Donburi offers a number of tempting options. Traditional sake is served both hot and cold, and fruit-flavoured sake is available as well. There is also a selection of authentic Japanese beer. For a truly unique twist, try the Matcha Beer, which mixes some matcha powder into a Japanese brew for an unexpectedly delicious combination.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is welcoming and upbeat, paying homage to Japanese pop culture in every corner: two big screens play anime movies for your entertainment, while the wall honours visitors to the restaurant with Polaroid photos and donburi-themed drawings done by devoted customers. And for those whose donburi love can’t be contained, the restaurant’s retail corner sells original donburi culture T-shirts so you can celebrate this delicious dish wherever you go.

*Bring this issue of Bento Box (or show this webpage) to the restaurant on your next visit and you will receive a free chicken skewer!


Chicken Omurice

In this contemporary Japanese take on comfort food, a fluffy omelette is wrapped around chicken-fried rice that is cooked in a tomato base. The omelette is then topped with a rich demi-glace sauce. ($11)




Matcha Beer

Green tea or beer? Why not both? In this eye-catching beverage, high-quality matcha powder is hand-mixed with Kirin Beer for a bubbly, refreshing combination that is surprisingly well-matched. ($8.95)








505 Highway 7 E., Unit 93-95, Markham
905-597-6505 | donburi.ca

Sun–Thurs 11 am–12 am Fri–Sat 11 am–2 am