Saryo Café invites you to discover new pleasures!


In its first store in North America, purveyor of delicious Japanese treats Saryo holds nothing back. It’s a place that rewards you for trying something outside of your comfort zone.

For me it was the hojicha ice cream. This distinctive roasted green tea has a unique flavour that may just become your new obsession: it’s nutty, rich, creamy and a little smoky.

The menu is based on Saryo’s signature flavours of uji matcha and hojicha. Uji matcha is made from green tea leaves that are steamed right after they are picked. The softest part of the leaf is then separated from the veins and ground into a fine powder. Hojicha is made using a similar process, but where matcha is steamed, hojicha is toasted to a golden brown before being ground. Saryo’s uji matcha and hojicha are imported directly from Japan, so you can be sure you are having the same experience here as in the brand’s flagship café.

01The Toronto café shares a location with Konjiki Ramen restaurant. There is no wall between the two, but the café’s warm wood décor sets it apart from the ramen restaurant’s sleek dining room. Saryo asked its interior designers from Japan to come up with a unique look to mark its new Canadian shop. It’s an inviting space that promises an indulgent experience, making it hard to resist dropping in for dessert after your ramen.

You’ll find desserts that combine indulgent Western recipes with traditional Japanese flavours, like the Japanese-style strawberry cheesecake. Made with a soymilk and cream cheese filling, strawberry purée cream and fresh strawberries on a short-bread base, its perfect texture is a great example of Saryo’s attention to detail.

If you don’t know where to start, the signature matcha parfait is a great introduction. It features matcha soft serve ice cream layered with a house-made matcha brownie, red bean, mochi, hojicha roasted tea cream, jellies and granola.

No matter what you’re into, Saryo has a dessert to entice you.



Walter Muschenheim

Walter is a Toronto-based translator and writer. A real globetrotter, he has lived in France, Germany and the United States and explored Europe and Japan. On his adventures, he loves to learn about languages and food: the two cornerstones of culture!




Saryo Café

5051 Yonge St., North York


OPEN: Daily 11:30 am -10:00 pm