This zesty sake cocktail is the ideal beverage for the summer.

What’s nicer than a refreshing drink while sitting under the summer sun? For those days when it’s hot outside, a cool drink with a zing of citrus is a tested formula to help you kick back and chill out. And if you’re looking for a more adult alternative to your usual glass of lemonade, the latest creation from the Ontario Spring Water Sake Company is sure to please your palate.


Meet the Izumi Yuzu + Lime Sake Collins. Like a Japanese twist on your classic Tom Collins, this beverage is a citrusy cocktail made from fresh Izumi draft sake, Japanese yuzu juice and lime juice. The drink’s use of yuzu—a tart citrus fruit whose taste has been described as somewhere between a lemon, a mandarin orange and a grapefruit—takes the “cool citrus drink” formula in an intriguing new direction.

The result is a tangy, refreshing beverage that will delight anyone who enjoys sipping delicious cocktails in hot summer weather. Try it on the rocks—and for an extra zip, garnish your glass with a slice of lime to enhance the flavours.

This brand-new beverage debuted just this month at the Kampai Toronto sake festival. It’s now available for purchase from the Ontario Spring Water Sake Company, with plans to introduce it to the lineup at your local LCBO sometime in late summer or early autumn this year.


Take a sake journey this summer

Want to start your summer sake experience in style? Looking to learn more about the world of sake? Or do you just want to sample Yuzu + Lime Sake Collins before you purchase an entire bottle? Adventurous tasters can head down to the Ontario Spring Water Sake brewery in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District. Take a tour of the facility, then pull up a seat at the brewery’s tasting bar, where guests are offered a guided tasting of several different varieties of the brewery’s locally made sake—including nama-zake, or unpasteurized sake, which offers a sharper, more refreshing taste than its pasteurized counterparts.

Brewery tours with guided tastings are offered on the weekends for $15 per person, or private tours can be arranged during the week for groups of five people or more. Get in touch with the brewery and book your spot at 416-365-7253 or