Tsujiri Mississauga offers a new approach to a Japanese staple.


After spending 155 years perfecting the art of matcha, Tsujiri has embraced a new challenge—noodles! Since opening its first North American store in Toronto in 2016, the chain has exploded in popularity, opening locations across the GTA, with one of the newest in the heart of Mississauga at Square One Shopping Centre.

A few years ago, I visited the original Tsujiri matcha shop in Kyoto, where the Tsuji family developed their Gyokuro-style tea—the premium-quality green tea that would make them famous. Dropping by Square One on a recent scorching afternoon, I was excited to visit the new shop and give my tastebuds a chance to remember the flavour and texture of Tsujiri’s matcha. While there, I learned that Tsujiri Mississauga has started offering a more substantial menu, with matcha soba noodle poke bowls in addition to the regular menu of matcha and Japanese tea-based drinks, cakes and ice cream parfaits. After satiating my initial craving with a traditionally made, hot o-matcha, I asked for some recommendations, and settled on a drink with a chilled chicken poke bowl topped with a creamy sesame sauce and a generous portion of fresh vegetables—avocados, tomatoes and lettuce. I found a seat and the enticing bowl appeared with a refreshing iced sencha tea made with a sweet citrus yuzu syrup.

03After devouring the delicious poke bowl, I went back and ordered a matcha ice cream parfait topped with shiratama mochi and an Okinawan black sugar syrup, and I chatted with the manager about the new menu. The Mississauga location is the first shop in the Tsujiri empire to offer unagi and salmon poke bowls, each with their own unique sauces. And true to its vision of being a pioneer in the art of serving authentic Japanese tea, Tsujiri Japan has begun creating soba noodles made with finely ground matcha tea leaves, which they distribute to their tea houses around the world with explicit instructions on how to cook the noodles at just the right temperature before shocking the noodles with cold water at the exact right moment in order to maintain their satisfying chew.

Home to hot and iced premium Japanese teas, decadent desserts and deliciously unique poke bowls, Tsujiri Mississauga is the perfect place to visit on a hot—or chilly—summer day.




Nina Lee

Once upon a time, Nina wanted to be an artist. Now she is fulfilling her dreams as a writer and fundraiser working with artists, arts organizations and publications across Canada. In her free time, she enjoys travel, food, supporting local artists, and running with her dog, Dash.



Level 1 (near Sport Chek), Square One Shopping Centre, 100 City Centre Dr., Mississauga

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