An evening 31 years in the making


Once upon a time in Japan, a fateful meeting between a young chef and a mayor from Canada marked the beginning of a 31-year journey that has changed the face of a community.

On November 22, Mye Restaurant held its annual Feast for Good fundraiser, raising $13,200 for the Oakville Hospital Foundation. The evening saw a packed house filled with lively conversation and merriment so loud that it nearly drowned out the talented jazz trio plucking away in the background. Staff happily buzzed around the restaurant making sure delectable plates of sashimi, tempura, sushi rolls and Japanese steak—just to name a few—made their way to each guest.


Since 2012, the Feast for Good has been a symbol of the Aoki family’s dedication to giving back to the community that has given them so much. When owner Mo Aoki first moved to Oakville in the mid-1980s, the Japanese food scene in the town was virtually non-existent. The idea of moving to Canada was first put into Mr. Aoki’s head sometime around 1983 by a friend, at a time when he was seeking some direction in his culinary career. Mr. Aoki grew up in the restaurant business, starting work as a chef when he was still in high school. An introduction to the mayor of Oakville while in Tokyo finally presented the opportunity Mr. Aoki needed to make the leap to Canada. And as the town’s first Japanese restaurant, Mye has truly changed the face of the food scene in Oakville.

Ask members of the Aoki family what has contributed to the decades-long success of Mye, and they will tell you how fortunate they are—not just with the business side of things like good location or hard-working staff, but for the way they have been welcomed into the community with open arms. Judging by the crowd that night and the number of people who approached Mr. Aoki for a selfie or a congratulatory handshake, it is easy to see the profound impact that Mye and the Aoki family have had on their community.

When you find yourself in Oakville, be sure to visit Mr. Aoki and his family at Mye Restaurant. You’ll be supporting more than a single restaurant. You’ll be supporting an entire community.


Mye Restaurant

143 Church St., Oakville | 905-849-8989

Mye2 Restaurant

360 Dundas St. E., Oakville | 905-257-7747