A century of tradition from a village by the Tedori River.

If there is one thing Tedorigawa Yoshida Sake Brewery understands, it’s the power of tradition. The brewery, headed by the Yoshida family, has stayed true to its roots for over 144 years, and the result is a consistently premium product unlike any other. Founded in 1870, Tedorigawa’s foundations are based in the traditions of Yamashima Village in Ishikawa Prefecture, situated along the Tedori River. Historically, farmers in the region have worked with brewers to cultivate the high-quality rice that has put Yamashima on the map for its mastery of sake.

Tedorigawa brews sake using the Yamahai method, which is not very common today. The Yamahai method of brewing is considered laborious as it requires more effort than it takes to brew sake regularly, but it yields a deep, earthy flavour that is praised by enthusiasts.

Tedorigawa’s Yamahai Junmai is dry and sharp yet goes down smooth. In addition to the signature Yamahai flavour it contains notes of honey, citrus and cashew. As with most Yamahai sake, it pairs best with rich, fatty foods, sweet foods, and savoury foods and sauces.

While Tedorigawa maintains the tried and tested craftsmanship of the past, the brewery has also evolved, marrying modern technology with traditional methods. Using automatic rotary rise/ immersion equipment the brewery can more accurately manage the water absorption ratio of the rice and wash away starch.

If Tedorigawa Yoshida Sake Brewery sounds familiar, that’s likely because it was the subject of the award-winning documentary The Birth of Sake. The movie details the trials and determination of the Yoshida family as they fight to maintain the traditions of their sake brewery in an ever-changing world. The brewery faces mounting competition and threats to its bottom line. Still, many of the staff spend a trying six-month period living at the brewery, where they dedicate themselves to the cultivation of the year’s batch of sake. The film won Best Documentary Director at the Tribeca Film Festival and Best Feature Documentary at the 2016 Palm Springs International Film Festival.

The sake from Tedorigawa exhibits excellence and a richness of flavour that can only be produced through over a century of passion and experience.