Toronto’s home of charcoal-grilled yakitori has opened a new location on Queen West to delight even more diners.


Is there anything better than food served on a stick? How about food served on a stick in a fun, friendly new neighbourhood hangout?

A lively izakaya known for its welcoming atmosphere and succulent skewers, Zakkushi on Carlton has been a mainstay of the Little Tokyo area since 2012. Now, for the first time, Zakkushi is heading west of Yonge to bring its warm hospitality and hearty fare to Queen West.


Inside the new space you’ll find wooden beams and concrete surfaces, evoking the style of a traditional Japanese izakaya while also fitting perfectly with the trendy Queen West neighbourhood. At the back of the restaurant, you can watch chefs who are trained and certified in the art of grilling as they labour over every skewer, making sure they are cooked to perfection.

Yakitori (or charcoal-grilled, skewered cuisine) is what the Zakkushi name is known for, and the menu at its new location features a wealth of options for those looking to indulge. Diners can choose from a vast array of grilled meats, including premium Wagyu beef meatballs or succulent teriyaki chicken, as well as seafood like garlic prawns or giant scallops brushed with butter and soy sauce. Veggie lovers also have options on this menu, including grilled zucchini or shiitake mushrooms topped with grated daikon and ponzu sauce. At Zakkushi, there’s a skewer for every taste.


The secret to Zakkushi’s grilling mastery lies in its use of binchotan charcoal. With its high carbon content, binchotan charcoal is flameless and odourless, meaning that food grilled over binchotan retains its natural flavours while it cooks. The result is fresh, juicy yakitori that is packed full to bursting with flavour.

For the full range of what Zakkushi whips up on the grill, diners can try a skewer set—or they can pick from individual skewers on the menu, mixing and matching with other items to suit their tastes. And there’s no need to stick with just skewers: the menu also offers an array of tapas-style Japanese favourites to complement your meal, including grilled mackerel, deep-fried chicken karaage, takoyaki (octopus balls) and an assortment of delicate sashimi, to name just a few.

Since opening on January 11, the new Zakkushi on Queen is already attracting praise from diners. For a fun, friendly evening on Queen West, head to the newest Zakkushi and see what the fuss is about.


Zakkushi on Queen West

620 Queen St. W., Toronto | 416-364-5252
OPEN: Mon–Sat 5:30 pm–1 am (last call 12 am) Sun 4 pm–12 am (last call 11 pm)




Nina Hoeschele

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