Pure, traditional sake from the sake-brewing district of Hiroshima.

Kamoizumi Shuzo sake brewery holds a place of distinction among the sake breweries of Saijo—one of the most well-known sake-brewing districts in Hiroshima, Japan. Founded in 1912, the brewery is considered something of a newcomer at only 107 years old. Still, its disciplined adherence to traditional brewing methods combined with using only the best ingredients has earned Kamoizumi a place of distinction among the sake giants of Hiroshima.

Today, Kamoizumi is a respected brewery all over Japan, but the road to renown was not an easy one. In the 1960s, when most breweries were adding distilled alcohol and other additives to round out their sake, Kamoizumi was one of the few to rebel. Instead the company chose to return to a more traditional method of brewing, using nothing but natural ingredients. It was a bumpy road in the beginning, as Kamoizumi’s mutenka-shu, or additive-free sake, had a tart flavour that didn’t go over so well at first. And the company’s commitment to brewing pure Japanese sake at a time when others were using cheaper ingredients and additives hurt its bottom line. But in the end, the brewery’s refusal to compromise paid off.

Come the 1970s, Kamoizumi was one of the first breweries to mill rice to 60%, which was rare at the time. The lower the mill rate of sake rice, the less starchy and more delicious the sake. This put Kamoizumi on the map as one of the most respected breweries in Hiroshima. Today its sake is a premium product, and Kamoizumi has stayed true to its mission, brewing sake that—as the company puts it—“reminds drinkers of what authentic Japanese sake should taste like.” Kamoizumi only brews Junmai sake, which is sake brewed with only rice and rice koji (malted rice). Its Shusen Junmai Ginjo is hefty and bold, with a tart and woodsy taste that is strong and flavourful on its own, but also goes perfectly with meats and savoury sauces. And the Ginjo Shusen Honjikomi pairs well with just about anything, making it a good staple to have on hand.

For sake with a bold and uncompromising flavour, trust the uncompromising expertise of Kamoizumi Shuzo.